Beer & Food pairing for Camden Lock Live

Enjoy some epic food alongside great craft beer and killer tunes next Friday!

Beer & Food pairing for Camden Lock Live

Next Friday (11th July) we'll be hosting a BrewDog bar at Camden Lock Live in North London, serving some super tasty craft beers during the one-day free festival! There are going to be some pretty stellar food stands on site, so we thought we'd offer up some ideal pairings for the BrewDog beers with various street food vendors on site!
Punk IPA & Mama's Jerk

An IPA is the ideal best buddy for anything spicy, and Mama's jerk doesn't scrimp on the spice! The hoppiness refreshes and cleanses the palate and the tropical fruity, pineappley notes of Punk IPA pair really nicely with the fresh, zingy flavours of jerk.

Brixton Porter & Dutch Pancakes

For those with a sweet tooth in need some something sugary, check out Dutch Pancakes paired with Brixton Porter! Make sure you opt for a chocolatey topping (these guys are pretty generous with their toppings too!), which will meld beautifully with Brixton Porter's roasty malty chocolate and nuttiness for a super indulgent, delightfully decadent chocaholic's dream!

Fake Lager & Toastits

Toastits make some of the sexiest gourmet toasties known to man. The fresh fillings with some  gooey, melty cheese would be ideal with a fresh, zappy, zingy Fake Lager. There are so many options at Toastits, and Fake Lager is the beer that'll stand up to most combos.

5am Saint & Smoke n Roll

Saint and smoke are a match made in heaven. The roasty, toasty malty backbone you get in 5am saint will fit like a puzzle piece in amongst those smokey, sweet and gnarly flavours Smoke n Roll is famed for. The hoppy hit from 5am Saint will also bring a fruity character that'll be delicious with the glazed, caramelised bark on those schmokin' meats. Perfection!


BrewDog will be at Camden Lock Live from 12 noon on Friday 11th July! Full details about the event, band lineups and food stalls can be found on their website here . The top photo for this blog is also from BrewDog Camden's brand spanking new food menu, be sure to drop by and check that out if you're in the area too!

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pancakes loverrrrrrrr 4th July, 2014 3:16pm
i want those dutch pancakes sooooooooooooooo baaaaaaaaaaaad
London lover 4th July, 2014 11:48am
YES! Will be all over thisPS these pics have made me STARVING.