Beer Rocks Episode 1 - Beer Style

Democracy Rocks! Beer Rocks!

BrewDog to create the world's first democratically created beer via online - never mind web2.0, this is web brew.0

  BrewDog have set about giving the whole world the chance to make the next BrewDog beer.

Inspired by the turnout in the recent US election, James Watt and Martin Dickie are now going to create a beer based purely on what the public vote for via the Brewdog website.

Each Saturday on the site, a short video will be posted about the beermaking process with founders Martin Dickie, James Watt and head brewer Stewart Bowman all showing different aspects of each part of the beer making process.

The five week process will involve:

•·         Week 1 - Beer Style

•·         Week 2 - Malts used and target gravities/ABV

•·         Week 3 - Hops used

•·         Week 4 - Speciality processes/ingredients

•·         Week 5 - Beer Name and packaging

James said: "This a beer for the people, by the people and we're going to do it through the web, posting video blogs about each step of the process - you could call it web brew point oh.

"People will then have five days to cast their votes for their preferred item that week and then we'll move on to the next step.

"This came about for a couple of reasons. There's been a lot of interest in democracy with the US elections, but also our fans are very passionate about their beer.

"So this is not only a chance to have them create their own beer, it's a chance to educate others in what goes into beers and what makes a good natural beer, free from artificial ingredients. Also, Martin and I remember from our days as students in Edinburgh that making beers can be a messy business, so this is a chance for people to make their own beer without making any mess.

"The first episode will be about beer style so I have advocated a Black IPA while Martin has gone for a Porter and Stewart a Barley Wine.

"It's going to be quite wild and exciting - by week four you could be deciding whether to cask age, add raspberries or dry hop a 9% Imperial Porter brewed with Chinook and Pacific Gem. The only limit here is what people can come up with.

"The possibilities really are endless and the voters will be in complete control of the entire process, including packaging!

"It's a risky thing to try, but it's also different and a way of speaking to out customers directly. We're not one of these global mega-corporations putting out bland, additive-ridden beers and telling people that they have to like it or lump it."

After the five-week series, the beer will be made and then be offered to sale early in 2009.

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Comments (19)

Stu Wharrier 5th December, 2008 7:49pm
Barley Wine, fosho!
craig 21st November, 2008 8:17pm
Barley Wine for me.
Louise 21st November, 2008 8:16pm
Porter defo!!!!
David 20th November, 2008 2:08pm
Barley Wine for me. Sounds the most interesting.
Jens 20th November, 2008 12:37pm
Clearly Black IPA is the correct choice (:
Adam S 20th November, 2008 11:20am
Go with the Black IPA
Andreas 19th November, 2008 8:46pm
NO the best barley Wine in Sweden is Bötet Barley Wine from Nynäshamns Å would be interesting to see what brew dog could do with a Barley Wine.....
E 19th November, 2008 7:28pm
Black IPA! The best barley wine is already made in Sweden. Nils Oscar Barley Wine.
Victor 17th November, 2008 10:48pm
Barley Wine, for sure!
Jo 17th November, 2008 10:22pm
Im with Magic Dave, Barley Wine.
haddonsman 17th November, 2008 9:31pm
Has to be Black IPA. Where is the fun in barley wine :-)
Kev G 17th November, 2008 7:25pm
Barley Wine sounds good to me.
Stuart Ross 17th November, 2008 3:30pm
Barley Wine
Johnny C 17th November, 2008 12:27pm
I want to see what Bowman can do with a Barley Wine!
andy mogg 17th November, 2008 11:44am
black ipa sounds like a good plan!
G Dunbar 16th November, 2008 3:44pm
I would love to see a BrewDog Barley Wine or Porter but for the purposes of this project it should be the Black IPA. Word.
magic_dave6 16th November, 2008 12:22pm
Barley wine all the way

maeib 15th November, 2008 8:31pm
Barley Wine for me
Chris 15th November, 2008 6:16pm
How do you vote??