Beery sorbets with Gelupo

Summer calls for frozen beery awesomeness.

Beery sorbets with Gelupo

It’s August, so it’s getting pretty hot in sunny Scotland (well, relatively speaking), so naturally we’re reaching for something refreshing. Usually, we would think of doing one of two things; sink a cool, crisp Punk IPA and let the time fly by, or have a nice, ice cold tingling sorbet. Sounds good, but what if we want both (greedy)…AT THE SAME TIME! (super greedy)

Well, that’s the kind of lightbulb moment we experienced when we decided to make it a reality – introducing beery BrewDog sorbet! Our subjects? Punk IPA, 5AM Saint, Cocoa Psycho & Clown King – interested yet?

Now, the most important thing for us was to make sure we kept these epic beers at the forefront of the flavour and keep a grip on that hoppiness they’re known for. However, we knew that some gelaterias experts would shy away from the effort of keeping those bitter notes and would naturally want to use sugar to cancel them out. NO – we make epic craft beer, we want epic craft beer sorbet.

So we hooked up with the awesome Gelupo – again and again recognised as London’s finest gelateria. They dug the beers, they got the message and they had the will and the power (and the freezer capacity) to tackle our project head on with (brew)dogged determination! And they did it. Yes they did – oh so very well.

Our beers have been magically altered into iced-form with the upmost care, and the result is rather decadently lovely. When you bring the spoon to your mouth, you actually smell it as though a glorious pint of Punk IPA was heading in your general direction. In the tasting, they are so true to their namesake beverages that you will find yourself becoming a little bit wobbly after more than one pot. We’ve kept them small, they’re dangerous!

Obviously we’ve done this because it’s awesome, and it’s summer, but there’s also more to it than that. We are always looking to prove how versatile craft beer is, and if you’re whipping it up into something new, you don’t have to cover up the more aggressive tones, but instead embrace them and provide them with a platform to really showcase all their beery glory. And if we can convert someone to craft beer via a cup of sorbet this summer, that’s a bonus!

These little potted beery beauties will be available from our bars in Camden, Edinburgh and Aberdeen from today.  If they’re a hit, we’ll be getting them into more of our bars across the UK so grab a tub and give us your feedback stat! Let us know what you think, and fire us your thoughts for any other combos you reckon we should whip up (pun most definitely intended).

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Comments (6)

Gary 10th August, 2014 3:30pm
Yes, skunking *is* a real thing, but its overstated as to how much it ruins a beer. You need to leave a clear bottle in direct sunlight for quite some time before it has an effect; and the heat caused by the sunlight will do more damage to the flavour, regardless of the colour of the glass used.
Omnivoracity 7th August, 2014 2:30pm
Will they also be available in Gelupo?
AleBeHonest 7th August, 2014 2:00pm
I want a recipe. Would love to try this at home.
Nacheis 7th August, 2014 1:06pm
Holy crap I could do with a few of those while Im workingg in this fucking kitchen!
PeteH. 7th August, 2014 12:53pm
Get these to the Nottingham Brewdog bar !Its baking hot here, and Im dangerously close to dehydrating and over-heating, and this sounds just the cure for both !
Psycho Psycho! 7th August, 2014 11:14am
Cocoa Psycho beery iced delights ey?! its like you read my mind!