Behind the scenes on a Punk IPA photoshoot

Punk IPA gets aggresive

Behind the scenes on a Punk IPA photoshoot

Our favourite photographic wizard, Dave Brandfield, recently shot this awesome Punk IPA shot.


Here are a couple of exclulsive behind the scenes shots on the killer photo shoot. This photo will soon be a new BrewDog poster which will be available to buy online.

The shot shows a bottle of our aggresive 6% ale smashing faceless corporate beers to pieces. It is our stand against industrial brewers mega brands and the bland, chemically enhanced, fizzy liquid cardboard they produce.



Dave does all the BrewDog photography and you can see the rest of his work here

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Comments (5)

Fairzo 19th January, 2010 5:02pm
Hi James, tongue in cheek doesnt work very well in these comments! Just trying to make the point that the subject is far more important that minor spelling mistakes.
James, BrewDog 19th January, 2010 2:27pm
Faizo, the use of the word exclusive was just meant to be a little fun parody. Alan - I wrote this on a boat, I am allowed a little spelling leeway.
Ed 18th January, 2010 8:09pm
But who photographs your photographer?
Fairzo 18th January, 2010 7:32pm
So why not mention exclulsive or would that be too pedantic?

Great picture by the way. Which is the important thing.
Alan 18th January, 2010 6:23pm
There are two s in aggressive. We cannot use inverted commas whilst leaving comments but trust me, there are 2 esses in aggressive. Tut tut.