Brew-House Confidential: What is in our tanks

behind the scenes at BrewDog HQ

Brew-House Confidential: What is in our tanks

We are always keen to turn the clock back to our home brewing days when we could brew whatever the hell we wanted. So we do. As well as brewing our core range we are always working on some small batches of new and limited release beers. Here is a sneak preview of what is coming up. 

FV 104 IPA is Dead Amarillo 


The pilot batch for this year’s upcoming IPA is Dead series. We did not really need a pilot batch but we just wanted to brew a single hop Amarillo IPA and damn are we glad we did. All the fruity, juicy thirst quenchingly hoppy awesomeness of the Amarillo hop is delivered on a dream of a pale malt backbone. This small batch will be available on tap only in all BrewDog bars and launches later next week.

FV 402 Hello, my name is Ingrid


We have made this one before. People liked it. Lots.

First brewed exclusively for the Swedish market, Hello, my name is Ingrid is a cloudberry double IPA. Rocking a substantial 8.5% ABV the beer is hopped with Citra, Nelson Sauvin & Bramling Cross before being loaded with amazing cloudberries from the Artic Circle. The beer style and name were originally decided by readers of www.BeerSweden.Se

This beer will be available to buy on our online shop and on keg in all of our BrewDog bars.

FV 8 Toasted Hazlenut Porter

6_540_01Devised and brewed collaboratively by our bar managers this 5.1% porter is designed to be the perfect sipping winter session beer. Kerry, Martin Keith, Lucy, Neil S, Helen, Dean, Mark, Jonny, Dan, Neil T and Caroline all helped brew a small 20HL batch of this beer with our brewer George in our Fraseburgh brewery. George even found an ingenious way to toast the hazlenuts at the brewery. This beer will only be available on draft and in BrewDog bars.

The beer will be named Bracken's Porter as a tribute to our favourite four pawed friend who sadly passed away a few months ago. Chocolately, robust, warming, laid back and lots of fun - there are plenty of similarities between the two. Bracken we miss you and we hope you like your beer. Long live the original BrewDog.


FV 7 Tayberry Berliner Weisse collaboratively brewed with Brodies


We have a history of collaborating with our favourite breweries and have continued this tradition with Brodie’s. Brodie’s began brewing in 2008 when James and Lizzie Brodie took over an abandoned brewery in East London. Since then Brodie’s have established themselves as one of the most exciting breweries in the UK and have put out more than 150 different beers.

The beer was brewed in the Fraserburgh brewery and is our first ever foray into sour beers. It was a blast hanging with James, all the Brodies beers are amazing (look out for them on tap in BrewDog Bars) and we are pretty sure the Tayberry Berliner Weisse is going to be pretty epic.

FV 203 Jack Hammer


The first batch of Jack Hammer brewed at Ellon. The beer came 2nd in our 2012 prototype challenge, but we loved it so much we just had to make another batch. The devastatingly bitter finish will drill straight through your taste buds. If you like hops and bitterness then go ahead. But be warned: this beer has more bitterness than a human palate (or nipple) can detect. For freaks, craft beer junkies and stamp collectors only.


 FV 12 Lichtenstein Pale Ale


We love art and we like to consider ourselves to be liquid artists when we are feeling overly sentimental, nonchalant and pretentious (which is always just before our bottling machine breaks down). The whole team were understandably pretty excited when the awe inspiring TATE Modern asked if we wanted to work with them to brew a special beer to mark the launch of the upcoming Lichtenstein exhibition there. Damn right we wanted to.

The TATE Modern team even came up and helped us brew the beer. We can’t show you the label yet but it features original Lichtenstein artwork and is quite possibly the coolest beer label on the planet. Be excited.

The revolution will not be televised  x

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Comments (9)

Pete H., Nottm 8th February, 2013 12:27pm
All the Brodies beers that I have tried have been fantastic.And the return of Ingrid & Jack Hammer !Oh, Emperor, you are spoiling us .....--
Peter C 8th February, 2013 12:26pm
A new range of IPA is dead? Oh happy, happy days... Be getting myself to Brewdog Newcastle next weekend for that Amarillo
RoosterJones 8th February, 2013 11:08am
Much excitement! Can't wait for the sour!
Gilius 8th February, 2013 8:59am
Really nice, when will Ingrid be available in your webstore, or will be available in Sweden ?
GopherTea 7th February, 2013 7:35pm
Tayberry Berliner Weisse- cant wait - taking bets on what colour it will be
Bracken's Bitches 7th February, 2013 7:35pm
Bracken's Porter....ahh that made me choke up a little.....Cheers!
craft beer fan 7th February, 2013 7:00pm
Thank the Lord!Both Ingrid & jack hammer coming back. I might even blend them!
Bex 7th February, 2013 6:58pm
Wow - you guys must have had a busy Janaury!
Mr T 7th February, 2013 6:58pm
Really happy Bracken is getting a beer named after him