BrewDog 2010 Photo Competition

get snap happy!

BrewDog 2010 Photo Competition

At BrewDog we are insanely passionate about hats, rock ‘n’ roll penguins, avoiding ghosts, hops and photos. We bloody photos.


That is why we are giving you all a shot at international fame and fortune by competing in our grandiloquent 2010 Photo Competition. Anything that is even vauguely linked to BrewDog will be accepted, product shots, people shots or just anything quirky and crazy with some BrewDog connection.

There are the awesome prizes and we are happy to ship the beer internationally, so get snap happy wherever you are peeps.

1st Prize. A Sublime box of BrewDog Goodies including our rarest beers. 2 bottles of Sink the Bismarck, 2 bottles of Tactical Nuclear Penguin, 2 bottles of AB:01, our ultra rare ‘Shark’ , 2 x Tokyo*, some special aged Paradox, 4 bottles of Hardcore IPA and 2 BrewDog T-shirts.  Worth over £220

2nd Prize A Hardcore  box of BrewDog Goodies including our rarest beers. 1 bottle of Sink the Bismarck, 1 bottle of Tactical Nuclear Penguin, 1 bottles of AB:01, our ultra rare ‘Shark’ , 1 x Tokyo*, some special aged Paradox, 2 bottles of Hardcore IPA and 1 BrewDog T-shirts.

3rd Prize A mixed case including a bottle of Tactical Nuclear Penguin and a BrewDog T-shirt.

All photos will also be published on the blog, so you will all get to see your handiwork on the BrewDog!

Please email all entries to before the closing date of 4th May. Winners will be announced on the blog on the 7h of May. Good luck and Happy Snapping!



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Comments (11)

mtrapr 12th May, 2010 9:43am
Obviously with the hung parliament they've been unable to come to a decision. Hopefully normal service will now be resumed.
andrew 11th May, 2010 10:07am
Please, dont keep us in any more suspence!!
bierjaeger 10th May, 2010 6:19pm
(drum roll) and the winner IS....... ?
coughee 10th May, 2010 9:00am
cough _cough_ may the 7th _cough_ cough
swedishpunk 9th May, 2010 6:29pm
hey, i want to see the results! its the 9th of may now.
SwedishPunk 21st April, 2010 10:54pm
Just gonna check: Is it only one photo submition for each person, or can I send you some more if the shooting results in more than one real good picture? (note: "real good")
Adrian 20th April, 2010 1:04pm
Fingers at the steady. Cameras ready!
richard boyden 20th April, 2010 12:01am
just wondering how many times we are allowed to enter?
stupot 19th April, 2010 10:45pm
Yeah, so if you could like, send me some "samples" to take pics of, that would be great...
alan 19th April, 2010 4:43pm
so where can we get a bottle of this shark from then lads?
anarchy999 19th April, 2010 3:04pm
ill give it a go, but i will warn you, im pretty rubbish at photos