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The Great BrewDog BarHunt!

We want you to help us find the location for the next BrewDog bar – and we are willing to pay for your help. This is treasure hunt meets Challenge Annika with a punk beer twist!

We want you to submit brief proposals to us on available licensed premises in your area.  And if we take you up on the proposal, we will pay you £1000 in cash and £500 in beer and goodies for helping us out as well as giving you a lifetime discount in the new bar. Plus we will pay for a trip for you up to the BrewDog brewery to brew your own beer with our brewers for the grand opening of the new bar! In addition, any proposals which we follow up on will receive some BrewDog merchandise.


Our criteria:

  • it needs to be currently on the market
  • the venue needs to have previously been a bar and have both a cellar and a valid license
  • we would consider properties available to buy or lease
  • a reasonably small venue – 80-130 capacity.
  • a location with good footfall but not necessarily completely central. Anything slightly edgy is cool with us!

We would like the proposals to include:

  1. A photo of the venue (just snap it on your phone)
  2. Hopefully a schedule from the selling agent (this can usually be downloaded from the selling agent)
  3. Some brief information on the location and why you think it would be a good location

Please email the proposals and leads to get Bar Hunting Scamps!

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Comments (2)

Adrian 4th December, 2011 8:38pm
Love this video.Can't wait to visit BrewDog Camden!
crafty cockney 4th December, 2011 12:08am
is that Camden now open?