BrewDog BD AB 01 - Introducing our bar brews

By us, for you. Our bar staff get knee deep in malt and hops...

BrewDog BD AB 01 - Introducing our bar brews

At BrewDog we're pretty excited about everything to do with making new beers. So excited that we decided each of our bars should get the opportunity to come up to the brewery and make a beer of their own. From recipe development through to getting knee deep in malts as they dig out the mash tun, this is the beginning of a new BrewDog story; the story of our bar brews. Simply named according to the bar they originated from and their number in the series, we’ve kicked things off with a brew devised by our flagship Aberdeen team.ab01board_620
BDAB01 is a flapjack stout devised by the Aberdeen staff who were keen to see a sessionable stout full of flavour and mouth feel feature on our draft boards. Brewed with cinnamon, honey and golden syrup, the rich malt body of this brew is balanced by a good bit of sweetness, complemented the earthy English hops used, East Kent Goldings and Bramling Cross.

We caught Toffer as he was enjoying a schooner of Aberdeen's bar brew in the Flagship, and he was pretty pleased with the result;ab01toffer_620"I'm a dark beer fan myself so it's great to see something on draft which I can enjoy pints of. BDAB01 is perfectly quaffable, there's some great coffee notes in there, balanced by a nice amount of caramel sweetness. It's pretty cool to know that the guy who served me was involved in brewing it."

Every month, a different team from one of our bars will come up to the brewery to make their house beer. Brewed at our Dystopian Puppet Hobby Center in Fraserburgh, each bar will rotate through with the beer being initialled according to the bar of origin - BDCA04 will be the first to come out of BrewDog Camden, for instance, while BDNO05 will be Nottingham’s first team beer. These beers will be available only in our bars, and only on draft. Designed by the bar staff you know and love, these brews are well worth keeping an eye out for.

Next up we’ve got BrewDog Edinburgh's red ale (BDED02) which is currently conditioning in tank, and BrewDog Glasgow are hitting up the Broch to brew a black cherry black lager next week. That one will be known as BDGL03 (you get the idea!) and should be available in November, so keep an eye out!

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Comments (7)

Pete H., Nottm 29th August, 2013 12:40pm
Another great photo of Squidy at the Aberdeen bar.When are the Nottingham Bar doing their beer ?Is it just down to the bar staff, or do (loyal) customers get some input ?
brewbaby 27th August, 2013 4:14pm
want the black cherry black lager sooooo bad!!!
BrewDog Zarah 27th August, 2013 2:54pm
Hey Phantomphile,These are one off brews, so they are available for so long as the kegs last but are unlikely to be brewed again. The next in the series will be something completely different, keeping it pretty exciting!
Phantomphile 27th August, 2013 10:37am
Ha! That dudes hair is amazing. Will this be available permanently?
Shaun87 27th August, 2013 10:36am
Ace. What are BrewDog Birmingham making?
Flagship yeah 27th August, 2013 9:38am
Brilliant idea and so glad you've done a sessionable stout! The black cherry lager sounds interesting too, enjoy brewing it Glasgow
Duncan 27th August, 2013 9:30am
I had this on the weekend, spectacular beer guys, you should be proud!