BrewDog Craft Corner

Punk IPA induced, craft based ramblings...

BrewDog Craft Corner

Punk IPA induced, craft based ramblings...

You thought BrewDog were masters of craft beer, right? Wrong.

BrewDog are masters of 'craft' full stop. Pottery, needlepoint, card making, you name it. Even Bracken has been known to try his paw at a rigatoni pasta necklace during a rare moment of brewing restbite.

Let's get one thing straight though, this blog simply isn't another toot on the eco-trumpet nor is it about paying lip service to recycling just for the sheer hell of it. Instead, BrewDog Craft Corner is an acknowledgment that any beer bottle, label or bottle top can be transformed into as much of a work of art as the beer it once contained.

It's time to finish that bottle of Punk and whap out the Pritt stick as we introduce to you:


'The BrewDog frame of Wonderment': an exquisite, hand crafted photo frame that would not look out of place on QVC or in one of those adverts at the back of the Radio Times. Whether a unique gift or simply a way to celebrate your beer bottle as it journeys on into the afterlife, this wonderful photo frame will provide hours of conversation be it with family members, neighbours or even when having the vicar round for afternoon tea.

This particular version of the Frame of Wonderment was designed to celebrate BrewDog's time in the headlines and features an enigmatic yet striking portrait of Portman Group ringleader, David Poley.

You too can make this enchanting and timeless masterpiece using the following instructions:

You will need:

1 x old photo frame
1 x newspaper and some beer labels
PVA glue
7 x BrewDog bottle tops
Hammer and nails

To make the Frame of Wonderment:

1.Gather your materials together. Remove the glass from the photo frame and leave to one side. Begin tearing your newspaper into strips.
2.Cover the surface of the photo frame with a generous dollop of PVA glue then cover the frame with the torn strips of newspaper.
3.Once the newspaper has dried, glue down headlines or beer label segments that caught your eye.
4.Once these have dried, take your hammer and nails and secure the bottle tops into place. Working on a tough, flat surface is recommended here...something like a workbench is ideal, not your other half's favourite collection of antique nest tables. 
5.Finally add your photograph. Replace glass and relax.


It couldn't be easier to punk everyday household items with BrewDog's crafting know-how. Mirrors, birdhouses, Ming vases, you name it; we guarantee it'll probably look ten times better covered in a smattering of glitter and a BrewDog bottle top.

Now's the time to release your inner Tony Hart and quit slinging those empty 'Dogs into the recycling as if they were just another part of the mass produced riff-raff.

Stay tuned and get crafting.

Are you a craft master? Could you give BrewDog Craft Corner a run for its money? We want to see your BrewDog inspired works of art. Email your photos to Who knows, we could even be persuaded to do Craft Corner Gallery, or better still, allow our favourite designs to get their grubby little paws on some well earnt beer.

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Comments (7)

Danny 2nd March, 2010 11:49am
I think Bracken does a mean David Poley impression. I think hes got the smug grin NAILED!
paul noonan 27th February, 2010 3:59pm
best put my tongue in and grab the crayons
john 26th February, 2010 12:11pm
Charles May 26th February, 2010 11:37am
Really sorry guys, but I am far too busy drinking my way through the last order to concentrate on making a Frame of Wonderment.

Any chance of sending one out, as a welcome to every new shareholder?
BeerBirraBier 26th February, 2010 10:25am
Bracken has badly let himself go! Sort it out matey!
Adrian 26th February, 2010 10:23am
awesome. almost choked on my apple!
Alan 26th February, 2010 9:58am
Is that Bracken on a dress down Friday?