BrewDog Edinburgh - Officially Open For Business

BrewDog Edinburgh springs into life...

BrewDog Edinburgh - Officially Open For Business

Last Tuesday night saw the craft beer revolution kick into action on the streets of Edinburgh as our new bar officially opened its doors to beer lovers, BrewDog aficionados, Equity for Punks shareholders and a small group of confused locals who were wondering what the hell had happened to a karaoke bar once known as Chasers.

Thankfully we'd managed to shake off this venue's reputation as a lager-stained dive in favour of an environment more akin to that of a craft beer haven in the heart of Edinburgh's Old Town.

Months of preparation, credit to project manager Rebecca and the rest of the team, paid off as what must have been close to 150 people – plus countless more that drifted in and out throughout the night – managed to cram themselves into BrewDog's first official Edinburgh location.

With Bruce kick-starting the night with a welcome speech and plenty of information on the beers available by bottle and tap, the atmosphere wasn't just celebratory but also one of curiosity as brews like Lost Abbey's Angels Share , Stone's Smoked Porter, Port Brewing's Mongo IPA and a whole raft of BrewDog beers including Bitch Please, Punk Monk, Hardcore and our Single Hop range hit glasses for the first - but presumably not the last – time.


Guest appearances from our crack team of brewers, such as Graeme, Franz, Jack, Keegan and Andy, meant the night was even complete with an ad-hoc meet and greet inbetween games of Pop-up Pirate and slices of pizza.

BrewDog Edinburgh is now officially open so come grab a beer and say hi!

Thanks to everyone who made it down on Tuesday, we hope to see you all again soon.


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Comments (6)

Jock Dryburgh 1st April, 2011 6:17pm
Location, location, location - make sure you don't go after dark unless you carry a gun or can run fast. Love the beer but can';t see any reason to go back again - sorry. In fact, I repent - I WILL go back in about 3 and 6 months to see if the place is still there.
Jamie Hughson 29th March, 2011 5:16pm
I found out it was open when out having a cig at the globe on thurs so needless to say my bottle of Australian VB got left behind! Went down with a few mates, BEST NIGHT EVER! must have tryed everything on tap! then we were back on Friday, got me a hat for punks! then back in on sunday for a quite one with the missus and mate. Incredible staff, all know exactly what you need to know! Ive had so much fun there over the weekend that I have recommended it to everybody i have spoken to since thursday! Really looking forward to AB06!!!
Stephanos 28th March, 2011 8:49pm
Had a lovely pint of punk monk and a half of the stone smoked porter on friday evening. My girlfirend went for the raspberry wheat beer. Alas we had to depart for the train else we would have stayed for more.
Bill Neate 28th March, 2011 2:05pm
Brewdog has just landed in West Cork. Thank God! A great brew in the blue labeled bottle. Will enthusiastically pass on the good news. After 30 years living in the NW Highlands I know good things come out of Scotland.
Adrian 28th March, 2011 5:24am
The opening night was brilliant. Really love the staff in the Edinburgh bar too - so passionate about the beers - great to see.
Edwin Hemsley 28th March, 2011 2:44am
Those gates have to go, makes it look like the entrance to a cop shop.