BrewDog Edinburgh 1st Birthday Party - Saturday 24th March

BrewDog on the Cowgate Turns One!

BrewDog Edinburgh 1st Birthday Party - Saturday 24th March

BrewDog Edinburgh will be celebrating it’s 1st Birthday twice. Decadence? No! It's our party and we'll have two if we want to. Take that, Queenie!


Our official birthday was Thursday the 15th of March. That marks a full year of pouring the boldest, most flavoursome and innovative beers in the land to the thirsty hordes of Edinburgh. We realised that was a weeknight and we didn't want to coerce you scamps into staying out too long past your bedtimes, so we’ve courteously saved our big blowout for Saturday the 24th. Rumours are rife that a certain Jaffa Cake Stout, brewed right here on the premises with help from our clever and passionate Edinburgh barflies, might turn up to join the party. 

Handpicked beers from some of our favourite breweries around the world will be featured in a devastatingly attractive lineup that includes Mikkeller, Nøgne Ø, Evil Twin, Hitachino Nest, Magic Rock, and Lost Abbey, alongside a few that will be trickling down our taps for the very first time. We have quite a stash of treats up our sleeves but we don’t want to spoil the surprise...

BrewDog Edinburgh to officially open on 22nd March


10 @ 10.

At 10pm we will rotate 10 kegs simultaneously to give you twice as much awesome beer to choose from during the night. Who says there can be too much of a good thing? Get here early to experience the full spectrum of our killer selection and stay til late to see your options refreshed with more irresistible craft brews from our best brewing friends around the globe.


Kill a Keg.

Justifiable homicide is rare, but this is a prime example of when a license to kill is a virtue. Put a keg to rest and earn the privilege of choosing its successor. All eyes in the bar will be on you - so make your selection wisely! We've designed a shortlist of awesome beers for you to choose from, so the task should be a no-brainer!




Pin the Brewery on the Map: 

Everyone loves party games, especially with a Beer-y twist, and no birthday is complete without a bit of competitive mayhem. Don a customized BrewDog blindfold and attempt to pin breweries to their geographical homes with ninja precision in order to win prizes. At Brewdog, we embrace dogs of all breeds and underdogs are no exception. Make the most spectacular mess of your task and even the most appallingly off-the-mark of you will reap rewards for your dubious achievement.




To complete the experience, we've arranged for live music to fill your ears from 4-6pm and again from 7-9. Every last one of you is expected to join in for a communal Happy Birthday singalong that should make the bar itself turn pink with faux-modest embarrassment. Your musical efforts will be rewarded with the provision of bespoke BrewDog cupcakes baked specially for the occasion.





We're pulling out all the stops to show that, yet again, BrewDog Bars are about more than just pulling taps. Bring on the 2nd year of BrewDog Edinburgh at the frontline of the Craft Beer Revolution!

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Comments (4)

Max 22nd March, 2012 7:55am
Can't believe it is a year old!BrewDog Edinburgh makes the Cowgate cool again!
Stacey 22nd March, 2012 7:55am
Wicked.I will be there!
Alex H 22nd March, 2012 7:54am
Totally in.Can't wait for this.
Lorenzo from Rome 22nd March, 2012 7:54am
Epic. Wish I could be there.Congrats!