BrewDog loves Art

Moonlit menacing…

BrewDog loves Art

The BrewDog boys have been busy again, this time making a super special limited edition beer with their American friends at Stone Brewing.

Read all about their brewing escapades here.

The label for the first batch was created across the Atlantic and features a rather mean looking Stone Demon scaling the iconic BrewDog shield. Scary huh? 


James and Martin also created some very special limited editions of the beer aged in whisky casks along with blackberries, Tay berries and delicious black raspberries. Click here to see more.

This enchantingly dark and fruity beer now needed a label...

Johanna sketch

Sketching out positions of the main elements, the Stone gargoyle, the BrewDog shield and of course that delicate medley of berries.

johanna draw


The paper artwork begins to take shape; a moonlit demon prowls over a tomb-like mound of misshapen skulls, entwined by thorny branches of berries and blossoms. Obviously every discerning illustrator knows black nail polish enhances the macabre nature of any dark piece.

bashah 1

Gothic flourishes and curios such as candlelit lanterns, an owl and a distant city skyline create a narrative within the artwork, reflecting the many layers of story and detail which combine to create this dark tipple.

bashah 3

The result? An inky nocturnal delirium, as deliciously dark and intricate as the beer it will contain.

Like this and want to see more? Take a tumble down the rabbit hole into my inky black and while wonderland at



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Comments (7)

Magicdave6 21st September, 2009 11:46am
Another awsome label. These are not to be missed!
Heather Brennan 21st September, 2009 10:02am
This is lovely. Johannas work is amazing :)
craig garvie 20th September, 2009 10:07pm
Oh F... Man. I thought the Atlantic IPA label was stunning, but this one blows it away. This is just mindblowing
Sally Monster 20th September, 2009 9:40pm
Absolutely LOVE the finished image at the bottom of the post. Would love to get my hands on a print of that. Is there any way that would be possible?
Barry M 20th September, 2009 9:36pm
Looks great, love the layers of depth in it. Im sure it reflects the layers of depth in the beer too! :)

Are there posters of any of the BrewDog art available
John Harkins 20th September, 2009 9:11pm
Lloyd 20th September, 2009 9:09pm
wow, stunning artwork and i am sure a stunning beer.
i am seriously loving johannas work on this and the Atlantic IPA.