BrewDog Mural Mayhem

Get your lovely mug on our Equity Punk wall of fame

BrewDog Mural Mayhem

It's been five days since we launched our competition for kick ass photos of our equity punks wielding custom BrewDog signs (it's not too late! Grab yours here: and the entries so far have been everything from epic, to inspiring to just plain bonkers!
With a weekend to go for submissions to determine who will be the guest of honour at our Ellon Opening Ceremony, we've decided to step things up a notch as the guys and gals of BrewDog HQ get outta hand with some photo frolicking of their own.
All Equity Punk photo submissions will be featured on an epic mural on the wall in the Ellon brewery so, even if you can’t make the opening, get out and get snappy this weekend to put your face on our Punk Wall of Fame.

The only parameters are that the sign must be readable and your gorgeous faces visible.
Deadline to be considered to be the Guest of Honour - who gets to cut the red hop tape at our Ellon Opening ceremony, catapulting the new brewery into officialdom- is Monday the 14th, however we are extending the date for mural submissions to the end of the month to give you scamps as much time as you need to take some awesome snaps.
lovehops2_620Omar and Graeme loading the hop canon for some dry hopping madness

This is your moment to become part of craft beer history in the making. Grab your sign here:

Send your submissions to

Happy snapping folks!

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Comments (1)

Whiskybreath 11th January, 2013 9:48pm
I don't care about your wall; when are you going to open a pub in Northern Ireland? We're gagging over here.