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BrewDog Recommends... is a new segment that will see us take a good ol' swatch at the beery world around us and flag up blogs, podcasts and anything else brew-related that caught our eye, pricked up our ears and generally got tails wagging.

This week it's the turn of YouTube and our favourite beer review videos. Since this – as you may have noticed – is the BrewDog blog, it makes sense to feature videos reviewing some of our beers but be warned! These videos not only feature varying degrees of mental sanity but also bonafide opinions from folks who experienced our beers and felt so affected they had to dust off the handycam and vlog about it.

Once you've had your fill of our recommended videos why not dive into the comments box and add your thrupence worth too. Alternatively, post a link to your own beer review vlog so everyone else can see you in all your YouTube loveliness.

Now for the vlogs:

Sink the Bismarck!

Not the first BrewDog review from the Schnille och Schmak boys, we're digging their honesty in this pretty in-depth video that also features tasting advice and hop predictions. What's more impressive though is the budget behind the video which happens to feature a fully operational battle ship; a vessel that obviously moonlights as a film extra when its not causing chaos on the high seas. While other people might have ploughed their money into a trailer, maybe some stunt doubles or even more beer, Schnille och Schmak are living proof that - in the film world - location is everything. We salute your dedication:

Tactical Nuclear Penguin:

Meanwhile across the Atlantic, Craft Beer Review were busy putting together a vlog after they found themselves in possession of the Penguin. These guys certainly know their stuff and provide a potted insight into the brewing process as well as hitting the nail on the head when it comes to describing the various hop and malt tastes you can expect from TNP. Why not whap a video like this on the next time you're experiencing a beer for the first time as a way of getting tasting notes:


Following the release of our alternative black lager Zeitgeist, we hoped aspiring artists, musicians and trend setters would use the blog as a means to showcase their latest work be it an art installation, album release or short film.

Video maker 'Salmonandfriends' seems to really have taken this to heart and devised a character to deliver his beer review. While there's something reminiscent of the Fast Show about it, we're also pretty convinced that the hooded yet well spoken youth character is something only achieved through months - if not years - of method acting; possibly through cohabititation with a craft beer loving sub-section of the 'Staines Massive'. Have a look here:

Nanny State:

Finally, we recommend you check out the 2010 Nanny State vlog from Michael Ironside at Wanting to get a handle on beer tasting without feeling you have to don socks and sandals or head off to a folk festival? This is a video devoid of any stuffy beer jargon making it a great starting point for people wanting to get into beer tasting or just those who aren't fans of being patronised. There's also something strangely reminiscent of James and Martin about this video; it could just be the checkered shirt though! Check it out now:

Feel free to make you own BrewDog review video and post the link below! Happy snapping!

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Comments (3)

anarchy999 24th March, 2010 12:57am
popped into blackfriars pub in glasgow as i know they sell brewdog, i was shocked to find 1 bottle of 77 lager costs £3.45 per 330ml bottle, no wonder nobody is buying it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
anarchy999 23rd March, 2010 9:54am
loving the videos, the 3 swedish guys are tops with their knowledge
100beers30days 22nd March, 2010 11:18pm
Great videos! Loved the way the first guys said Tactical Nuclear Penguin :) And I have NO IDEA what rosehip soup is....
Really enjoyed the Nanny State review too.