BrewDog V the Silver Screen

Beer and film pairings

BrewDog V the Silver Screen

Over the past year or so we've been making quite a bit of noise about the joys of food and beer pairings. From menu suggestions and tasting notes to events featuring hybrid dishes that see beer leave the glass completely and become part of the recipe itself, craft beer rightfully deserves a seat at the dinner table.

In true BrewDog style we're determined not to draw the line there however, as we turn our attention to other possible pairings that could bring out the best in your craft beer experience.

So with the Edinburgh International Film Festival kicking off this week what better time for us to look to the silver screen and some celluloid favourites perfectly complemented by a cold brew.

Please turn your phone to silent and take your seats for...

Pulp Fiction: Quentin Taratino's '94 cult classic is often considered the best film of the 90s and when you sling an all star line up and an unforgiving plot featuring sex, drugs, rock 'n'roll and a gimp into the mix you can start to see why. Written and shot under Tarantino's ruthless and controversial brand, we think Punk IPA's audacious edge would be a very fitting pairing given the onslaught in the film doesn't vary a great deal from that being made to your palette.


High School Musical: Just like Justin Bieber (yes – we know – who?) there always seems to come a time when teen frenzy diffuses into the atmosphere and manages to invade the lives of innocent bystanders. High School Musical is one of those viruses AKA crazes whereby viewers are subjected to an all singing, all dancing – and thereby darkly misanthropic – vision of life as a teenager. If you're being subjected to HSM by one of your own brood we suggest Nanny State 0.5% on the basis of pure irony which should help to retain some of your dignity. If you watch HSM for your own enjoyment - please leave the blog now.


Withnail and I: With the cry “I demand more booze” peppered throughout this British black comedy we'd like to think that downtrodden thesp, Withnail, might have a more refined palette than his infamous lighter fluid scene would imply. BrewDog drinkers are - of course - much more responsible which is why we recommend cracking open a bottle or two of the intergalactic fantastic Tokyo* to warm you up whilst the unfortunate Withnail and I find themselves 'on holiday by accident' in a dreich and freezing cottage in Penrith.


Synecdoche New York: Prepare to be confused. Very confused. Written and directed by Charlie Kaufman, Synecdoche New York is the story of one man's warped and surreal masterpiece where he attempts to completely mirror his life on stage. Artistic and challenging but without any pretension we'd like to think our creative catalyst – Zeitgeist – would help to get your cogs whirring when trying to get your head around this little beaut' of a film.


Still not had your fill? Get yourself along to the Festival to see what's happening. Last year BrewDog were proud afterparty brew sponsors of Shane Meadows' lo-fi mockumentary Le Donk so who knows where this year will take us. See you there!

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Comments (10)

Jompa 26th June, 2010 6:44pm
5am Saint + Boondock saints
Graham 26th June, 2010 4:24pm
If your doing the Whitnail and I drinking game, you really should be drinking Nanny State, if for no other reason that to lessen the strain on the NHS.My combination: Tokyo and Oldboy.
Fezzles 24th June, 2010 9:27pm
Hardcore IPA with "who framed Roger Rabbit......Get it? Cause it's well "hoppy" ROFLCOPTER!
Pubcrawler 24th June, 2010 7:27pm
How to disapeer compleatly - The Invisable man ..... Gentlemen Prefer Trashy Blonds.......
Mark C 24th June, 2010 1:31pm
TNP & Happy Feet!!
tim 24th June, 2010 11:14am
Riptide and Point Break!
Erick 24th June, 2010 10:50am
Harcore IPA should go great with... Deethroat?
Toby 24th June, 2010 12:00am
Not a mainstream film, but Paradox and Primer would be total mind f*ck
Douglas MacIntyre 23rd June, 2010 5:22pm
Surely if you want the peak of individual naval indulgence you should sup a whole bottle of Sink The Bismark while viewing the unabridged cut of Das Boot?
Chris 23rd June, 2010 4:21pm
Nanny State surely has to be paired with 1984?