BrewDog's Alternative Queen's Speech

Our video review of 2011

BrewDog's Alternative Queen's Speech: Our Video review of 2011

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Merry Christmas Everyone!

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Comments (8)

SashDog 26th December, 2011 10:20am
Dave Nolan 26th December, 2011 3:25am
1) "We're not going to guess what the market wants and make the beer we want" Bravo, lads. You've managed to come back to the same motto you had when you started. Brilliant.2) James looks like a fucking hipster.
Yuri Orm Katunin 25th December, 2011 7:59pm
Just great! Good old year! Good new year ahead! Great you are!
StoneGreg 25th December, 2011 7:13pm
Martin, you make me question my orientation. Stop that.
Damo 25th December, 2011 3:23pm
Merry Christmas guys! Scottish royal family in the making!!
Badger 25th December, 2011 3:08pm
I would too James ;)
Shaun T 25th December, 2011 3:03pm
Nicely Nicely Scamps.
Steve Armstrong 25th December, 2011 3:01pm
Merry Christmas Dudes!