BrewDog's Music Fest Survival Kit

Rocking with craft in the face of adversity...


Rocking with craft in the face of adversity...

Tis the season to get festive. And muddy. And overly familiar with portaloo-living in a field full of strangers.

Music festival season is here again and with it comes a unique set of survival techniques that include living on a hardcore diet of fibre (we're talking nothing but cereal bars, crisps and over-priced chips for three days straight) and remembering to smuggle in that emergency loo roll to avoid a minor pandemic in your pants.


All this, of course, is while you're trying to see enough bands to justify the ticket spend and avoiding the clutches of the festival space cadet who isn't just on a mission to elect you as their new carer but to check in every 30 seconds to find out whether you're still 'having a good one'.

Sadly in spite of all of this, the UK festival scene is still missing one key ingredient - craft beer - and with it increasingly difficult to decipher whether those air born plastic cups showering the crowd are full of cheap lager, the gauntlet of drinking anything other than mainstream dross is well and truly set.

Thankfully, there's the BrewDog music fest survival kit. So if you're attending any of this summer's festivals be sure to get crafty and pack the following:

1. A growler

What better way to ensure a fresh supply of your favourite craft beer than stowing a growler Nip in to any of our bars before you depart for a fresh supply of whatever's on the taps. What's more, once you've polished off your 2.5 pints of fresh beer, you can refill the growler with drinking water...'coz you is well sensible innit.

2. Craft in a can


Not got time to grab a growler? Pack some punk instead. Our handy craft cans are the perfect size for packing in a rucksack or stacking on a sled - the latter seeming the preferred method of haulage for today's reveler. With most of the big fests operating 'no glass' policies, these crafty cans also ensure you needn't suffer heartache at the gates when you're parted with the bottled equivalent.

3. Trusty key chain AKA 'the life saver'


No music festival is complete without losing your phone, wallet and dignity. Notice that 'keys' don't feature in this list, well only if you make friends with a key chain which is best worn strapped to your person at all times. Go one step further and get a craft beer themed key chain like ours...rumour around the brewery is they're perfect for tearing open tents when you've managed to get trapped inside them after a night out, although we wouldn't want to comment on that.

4. A t-shirt that everyone else isn't wearing

The #ShirtHot Shortlist

In a recent survey*, making eye contact with someone wearing the same t-shirt as you is the third most embarrassing thing in the world. Part with cash for merch and the short lived euphoria of becoming a walking billboard for your favourite band's new album is quickly consumed by the creeping feeling that someone, no, quite a few people, actually, fucking everyone is wearing the same t-shirt as you. Do yourself a favour and become the sandwich board for craft beer instead *sometimes we make shit up.
5. A different music festival

Brew at the Bog

Growler filled? T-shirt on? Keys strapped to your person? Still feel like you're packing yourself off on an annual holiday for idiots? Fear not, not all music festivals are a massive corporate knees up. BrewDog's Brew at the Bog [] combines some of Scotland's best alternative and emerging music acts with craft beer to boot. You know where to find us.

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Comments (4)

Pete 10th July, 2012 11:15am
Wish I'd read this before TITP. Never again! Brew at the Bog FTW
Grahamf4 9th July, 2012 4:12pm
That key chain is no life saver. it will rip holes in your flesh. I bear the scars. Worst bottle opener ever but attractive nonetheless!
Paul M 9th July, 2012 12:08pm
Agreed, Brew at the Bog was amazing, top bands and great beer, even though it was Baltic. Hope it returns in 2013.
Kevin B 9th July, 2012 11:36am
Anywhere in Glasgow sell the cans? £7 delivery is a bit steep.PS Brew at the Bog was fucking awesome this year, despite the snow.