BrewDog's US West Coast Adventure

stories from our recent trip


Martin and myself (James) were fortunate enough to be in the US from the 2nd to the 10th of October. Along with our importer, Michael Cameron of Preiss Imports, we embarked on a whirlwind  tour of the West Coast. We got to meet our heroes at Stone brewery, visit some great bars in LA and meet our distributors from California, Oregon and Washington.

One of the highlights was the tasting that we did at The Highland Potstill in Portland, Oregon.  Much to our amazement the bar owner, staff and loyal customers were kitted out in stunning BrewDog t-shirts which they had made themselves. It was a great honour and privilege for us to see people on the other side of the world get that passionate about our beers and it was a great fun tasting a we loved meeting all the people there. We are definitely going to return on our next visit to the US.

Other highlights included a tasting at the superb Belmont Stations in Portland, The Malt and Vine in Seattle and Stone Brewery near San Diego.

We can't wait for our next trip......

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Comments (2)

Mary Frost 24th October, 2008 11:16pm
Good to have West Coast style beers in the UK. Being from California myself, its great to have a taste of home.

We will be looking out for more Brew Dog Brews!

Vern Raincock 20th October, 2008 10:28pm
It was a blast meeting up with the Brewdog Sledding Team in Denver !

Rumor is that PUNK IPA 22 oz bottles will be introduced to beer drinkers in Alberta and British Columbia in time for Christmas...

Paradox is now available at Belgo Brasserie in Calgary, we are looking forward to a Belgo ( - Brewdog tasting soon!

Cheers !