Brewing Beer with Comedy at the Fringe

"Good people drink good beer..." Hunter S Thompson "And bad ones drink Fosters..." Bob Slayer

Brewing Beer with Comedy at the Fringe

"Good people drink good beer..." Hunter S Thompson 
"And bad ones drink Fosters..." Bob Slayer 

In the summer we like to have a good old laugh, and wash those laughs down with a few fine craft brews. We’ve found that the more you wash down, the more laughs that come out. Where better to keep trying this method than during the Fringe in the fine city of Edinburgh this August.

Meet Bob: our new best comedian friend. An ex-tour manager whom NME described as ‘infamous for antics wilder than the acts he’s looked after’ (Snoop Dog, Bloodhound Gang and the like), he’s now a full time comic winning numerous awards across the country and always bringing a smile to our beery faces – we’ve been trying that washing down method again…

We worked with Bob at Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival and won the Spirit of the Festival Award and last year his venue at the Fringe (Bob & Miss Behave's Bookshop) won an Edinburgh Comedy Award, the smallest venue ever to do so, and two Malcolm Hardee Awards – ‘so basically we walked away with both the Oscar & Bafta of the Fringe and this year we have our best line up yet!’ We like Bob – what he does works, and people like it. We think he likes us too, so we’re pretty happy about that: ‘We have always liked the chaotic, anarchic, and truly risk taking side of performance and we love that BrewDog takes a similar approach to their beers.’ So, we’ve taken on a Bookshop, and filled it with craft beer and good comedy. Obviously.

Introducing the inaugural BrewDog Fringe Award!

From 1st-15th August, intrepid, hop-hungry comics will be able to enter the BrewDog Fringe Award by completing a short quiz, available from BrewDog Edinburgh. Live scores and standings will be updated over the course of the qualifying period, with the selected acts invited to take part in a Live Final taking place at the Bookshop on Wednesday 20th August, 3pm. As well as worldwide critical acclaim, (ahem), the winner will get the chance to brew a beer with us at Brew HQ!

This will be open to the public to watch, as the Fringe’s finest comics struggle with blind tastings, rudimentary home brewing and general comedic anarchy.

We really hope that our support of independent comedy and creativity will help fight back against the corporate machine that now envelops elements of Edinburgh during Festival season. If a few craft beers are drunk along the way in the process, then everyone’s a winner and hopefully, if our theory’s correct, we’ll just have a bit of a laugh.

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Edinburgh Rich 31st July, 2014 11:34am
Beer and belly laughs? Count me in