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Brit Pop

A lot has changed since 2007. The prospect of having a 150 IBU 9.2% hopped to hell double IPA available nationwide and selling well in a UK supermarket would have been unthinkable. You can now buy Hardcore IPA in Sainsbury’s. And Tesco.

Five years ago the UK was pretty barren for craft beer. Compared to the US where craft beer was flourishing our own shores were a hostile wasteland dominated by industrial multi-nationals with their insipid liquid cardboard backed by millions of advertising pounds and sleepy, stuffy cask brewers producing fundamentally steady brown ales, each one more boring than the next. Thornbidge and Dark star proved notable expectations back then. Exceptions which sadly proved the rule. If you wanted a quality dry hopped craft IPA in keg in the UK in 2007, your only outside hope was an import.


We set up BrewDog with a simple mission, to try and make other people as passionate about craft beer as we are and to show people there is an alternative to the mainstream beers which dominate the market. We want to show people just how rewarding and exciting craft beer can be: the more people making and drinking great craft beers in the UK the better.

We have perhaps been guilty of not updating our rhetoric from its combative 2007 tone to take account of the small, but growing wave of brilliant craft brewers emerging in the UK. We still hate the UK beer culture, we are still hell-bent on changing it and there is still so much work to be done to elevate the status of beer in our culture. But it has been great to start seeing spectacular craft beers brewed in the UK over the last 24 months. Craft beers which rival those produced anywhere in the world.    


The last couple of years have seen the emergence of a new breed of craft brewers in Britain. An emerging  groundswell which will become the future forefront of the beer industry. Brewers who are introducing drinkers in the UK to beer brewed with attitude rather than additives, passion rather than preservatives and flavour (and hops!) in abundance. Not constrained by tradition, not constrained by CAMRA but following their muse and brewing exciting full flavour craft beers across a huge flavour and stylistic diversity spectrum. And doing it really well.


You can look forward to more of the best of Britain’s craft beers being available in BrewDog bars in 2012 alongside our own beers and a selection of hand picked gems from the best craft brewers on the planet. Look out for Magic Rock, more Kernel, Camden, Lovibonds, Hardknott , Summer Wine and others in our bars from January as we look to showcase the new wave of British craft brewers.

It is only the very start. But the beer scene in the UK is changing.

*Oh and I did start 2 sentences with and. It is almost 2012. I think it is acceptable now.


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Comments (34)

mrchopper 3rd January, 2012 3:00pm
So it's basically going to go all keg?
Peter G 2nd January, 2012 11:25pm
Was very happy to see the Kernel in Brewdog Camden, exciting times for UK beer
Mike W 2nd January, 2012 10:13pm
Gotta say, absolutely loving the BrewDog beers I've tried so far. I just wish they were more available in Sheffield!
James, BrewDog 1st January, 2012 7:39pm
We will also be stocking Dark Star kegs next year!
StillRustic 1st January, 2012 9:55am
Well said! I look forward to seeing more of these in Brewdog Camden. It's the only thing that makes me favour Euston Tap at the moment.
Love4craft 31st December, 2011 4:44pm
"thornbridge and dark star proved notable exceptions back then." -- curious why you didn't include meantime on that list? Thanks & best of luck guys
JustM 30th December, 2011 8:25pm
I was fed up with trawling through bland 'real ale' beers until you started shaking things up a bit. Thought you were a bit of a lone voice until I discovered Magic Rock & Kernel this year. I'm enjoying tasting beer again instead of trawling through mediocrity. Cheers guys!
leithdave 30th December, 2011 7:05pm
Thanks for the clarification James - thought that was odd based on whay you were saying here.And BenH - agree with you about Tempest - brilliant beer. Their Brave New World is a stunning IPA.
arobertson 30th December, 2011 6:58pm
Thanks James, sounds great. I enjoy Jura whisky anyway and will be definitely ordering. I still have Islay, Smokehead and Arran left but this will compliment them nicely. Happy New Year to everyone also when it arrives in just over 24hrs.
BenH 30th December, 2011 6:34pm
Be good to see Tempest beers in the brewdog bars. Do check them out if you haven't already.
SJ B 30th December, 2011 6:23pm
You should also take a look at Tottenham's Redemption micro brewery. I hope I'll see their Hopspur and Big Chief beers at Brewdog Camden in the near future. And yes, keep up the excellent work people!
James, BrewDog 30th December, 2011 6:08pm
@leithdave - things often get misquoted in interviews. My full thoughts are above :)
leithdave 30th December, 2011 6:00pm
Interesting article in the Sunday Herald a couple of weeks ago, where James seemed to suggest The Kernel are the only other British brewers he rates:
Will 30th December, 2011 5:42pm
Any news on Brewdog Newcastle you can share with us?
James, BrewDog 30th December, 2011 4:16pm
Hope you are looking forward to BrewDog Nottingham Pete.
Pete Howard, Nottm 30th December, 2011 3:36pm
At this years' Nottm Beer Fest, there was the biggest number of different beers in the world. My personal favourite (due to lack of Brewdog) was Magic Rock - High wire. Good to see them getting some positive feedback. Thanks for the Paradox update - my money is waiting !!Keep on Rockin' In The Free world ....
James, BrewDog 30th December, 2011 3:24pm
Paradox Jura. 15% ABV. 1 year in oak. released 15.1.12And tastes awesome!
Kim Kardashian 30th December, 2011 2:46pm
You dudes are totally bitch'in -- be cool with it.
arobertson 30th December, 2011 2:33pm
This will be my final whinge of 2011, I promise! Could we please stop using "Americanisms" such as use of the word "dudes", "cool" etc etc as they really get on my tits! And could James please stop doing that silly gesture with his hand which is meant to symbolise "punk / rock" which is something else only Americans really do and was originally used by heavy metal fans as a sign of the devil! We are a Scottish company after all and one of the country's most recognisable and high profile exports, so can we please concentrate on our own proud heritage and get things back to basics again, such as brewing the mighty Paradox?? How many other people are waiting for the next instalment of that drink to come along as it's way overdue.
Beccy 30th December, 2011 12:02pm
BrewDog Rocks.Great post dudes.
Max 30th December, 2011 12:01pm
Love the selection of beers on the BrewDog bars. This will make them even better.Look forward to Leeds opening!
Matt T 30th December, 2011 12:00pm
Great Blog. Good to see you recognising the revolution you started!
Oh really... 30th December, 2011 11:23am
Before you slag too many UK breweries off you might consider the number of them now brewing your unsurprisingly inconsistent beer.
T 30th December, 2011 12:47am
Nice showcase outlet for the UK craft beer scene. In 2006 I uesd to buy mainly Belgium and German beer. How that has changed.
Christian 30th December, 2011 12:09am
It's not Brit Pop until you have Common People behind you ;)
Anders J 30th December, 2011 12:09am
Such an interesting endeavour - to change the beer industry! And i dare say you have come a long way lads! Makes me proud to be an early invester of Gen I... Keep it up guys!
Small Town Jerk 29th December, 2011 10:27pm
Hold on a minute, this image looks familiar...
Adrian 29th December, 2011 9:05pm
Awesome. This is why I invested in BrewDog. Good to see the craft beer movement picking up pace in the UK.Love the Kernel and Lovibond beers - can't wait for them on tap in Camden!
leithdave 29th December, 2011 9:01pm
Great news. I've always felt - The Kernel and Meantime apart - Brewdog bars were always a little light on brilliant British craft beer. Nice to see some of the best of British alongside the finest craft beer from around the world.
Micky Finn 29th December, 2011 8:56pm
Good to see Summer Wine and Lovibonds in that line-up. I've never been that impressed with Hardknott, though.
Zed 29th December, 2011 8:43pm
Good job!
Tom 29th December, 2011 8:37pm
Right click on the picture then click set as desktop background. Done.
Badger 29th December, 2011 8:36pm
Especially as it has Lynne in it *win*
Mark 29th December, 2011 8:29pm
Could you make the image with all the beer taps lined up available as a download please? I think it would look great as my desktop!