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When it comes to business, there are those who worship at the altar of market research. Consult with any and everyone to glean advice. Spend hours formulating business plans that cover the last cent. Those people will fail. To succeed – ignore everything else and start a revolution. The only way to stand a chance is not to plan the bottom line, it is to put everything on the line.

And your 21st Century Business manifesto is now in the United States.

When BrewDog came howling into the world in 2007, there were no rulebooks to follow for starting a brewery – so James Watt and Martin Dickie did things their own way. This new, inadvertent, approach to business is captured in Business for Punks – the tale of turning a small craft brewery of two men and a dog into one of the world’s fastest-growing drinks brands.

Penned by co-founder James, the book features over 250 pages of uncompromising detail on how the revolution began, how the record-books were re-written and exactly how to light fires along the way. From finance, to marketing, to dialling down every single aspect of your product, Business for Punks gives you the essence of how BrewDog changed the world.

The book blows conventional business wisdom out of the water, and is an indispensable guide to going beyond the norm and thriving on your own terms. It underpins the BrewDog philosophy at every turn – to identify what matters and sacrifice everything to make it happen. Start from nothing, snatch sleep where you can, and get to the top.

Business for Punks is available now on Amazon US, at Barnes and Noble, Powell’s City of Books, Books-a-Million and Indiebound. You can read an exclusive preview chapter for free at the official Business for Punks website.

Forget what you knew about business. About BrewDog. It’s time for the new reality.

In the US? Get Equity for Punks USA updates at

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Comments (4)

Davi Flink 29.02.2016 @ 6:57am
Would like information on when you will be hiring technicians?
Bruce Williamson 26.02.2016 @ 6:28pm
One of our craft breweries has closed. Need a 10bbl brewery and restaurant in Jenkintown, PA, USA?
matt 23.02.2016 @ 8:24pm
How do you apply for the Columbus Location?
Dan Weimer 19.02.2016 @ 1:45pm
Will you be hiring for the Columbus Ohio location?