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The Beer Geek Awards are back! Yes, our seven category-strong contest is returning for 2018 hot on the heels of a hugely successful – 9,851 entry – debut year. This time around we are going all out by opening up the competition on both sides of the Atlantic. So whether you geek out about craft beer in Milton Keynes or New Orleans, head to and sign up for as many of the seven different categories as you like.

But you don't have long - entries are scheduled to close on Wednesday June 20th!

So without further ado let’s have a look at two more of them right here!

Beer Review Geek

Beer is made to be enjoyed – of course it is – but as often as the enjoyment takes the form of free-flowing steins of Helles sunk unthinkingly in a beer garden, it is when beer is evaluated, critiqued and dissected. Taking a closer look at what it is you are drinking, who made it and why is not just beneficial to you the drinker, but us too as it keeps brewers honest and on their toes. The feedback we get from you guys helps us sharpen our line-up and shape future beer launches.

Submit your reviews for the Beer Review Geek Award here

If reviewing beer is something you like doing, then you could very well be our Beer Review Geek for 2018 (or either of them, as we are awarding two titles this time around – one to someone in the UK/Europe and another to somebody in the United States). All you need to do is submit your five best reviews of beers you’ve sampled in the past 12 months (14th May 2017 – 14th May 2018) and make them as detailed, informative and interesting as possible!

Beer Social Media Geek

Also today we are taking a closer look at the award for those who never miss a beat. If you are switched on to the wonder of craft beer 24/7 and aren’t shy of sharing it this is the category for you. We use social media to keep everyone with an interest in BrewDog in the loop, and to let them get in touch with us, ask us questions and send us photos of their #dogsinbars. We love the fact that it has opened up conversation between companies and their customers like never before.

You can enter the Beer Geek Awards Social Media Geek right here

So, with that in mind, we have created the Beer Social Media Geek Award to reward two of you – one in the UK/Europe and one in the US – who have their eyes on the ball as well as their smartphones. If you have engaged others using Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or Instagram about the world of beer online then let us have at least five great examples by submitting them (and your social handles). If you keep people in the know in the best way, you could be a winner!

To enter the Beer Geek Awards, all we ask is that you are over 18 and your main source of income does not already come from the beer industry. Just head to and sign up. We will be detailing the final category very soon – our pan-continental beer tasting – but until then if you have any questions about the awards email and we will help you out!

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Being social is the best