Caption Competition 17: World's Smallest Protest

be clever, win things

Caption Competition 17: World

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Comments (62)

johnson 23rd March, 2011 2:32pm
I vote for Air Max Shoes 21.03.2011
Grahamf4 22nd March, 2011 10:29pm
Oompa loompa dippity doo, I've got a bottle of Punk for you.Hardcore, Tokyo, Paradox too.I'm a superior drinker than you!"Lemme at em', lemme at 'em!"
Dave East 22nd March, 2011 5:13pm
How far away is he?
Éric Michaud 22nd March, 2011 12:08am
"We, Brew Dog, kinda like controversy, not big ones though, just small things that make us feel we are supposed to be different..."
Martin 21st March, 2011 4:52pm
Ohhh our undercover patrol is tomorow?....
BH 21st March, 2011 3:52pm
Why do policemen wear funny hats?Because they're all f**king c*nts
Cameron 21st March, 2011 3:41pm
A.C.A.B - Avoid Choosing Average Beer
DaveG 21st March, 2011 11:46am
Sidshow Bob discovers BrewDog
Ingemar Jansson 21st March, 2011 10:03am
A big mouth doesn't need a big body.
Ingemar Jansson 21st March, 2011 10:01am
Less is less.
Ingemar Jansson 21st March, 2011 10:00am
Using a Chinese one-child policy makes no sense, united kingdom should instead introduce a one meter policy.
air max shoes 21st March, 2011 7:11am
We are now going to war in a country which seems to be experiencing nba shoes a civil war. It is also a country that greeted air max shoes the mastermind of the PanAm terrorist attack as a national hero. Finally, we are once basketball shoes again going cheap basketball shoes to war without a declaration of war. While the Framers were quite clear about the need for a declaration, we are once again simply circumventing that inconvenient principle.
JOHN ELLWOOD 21st March, 2011 1:19am
Pete Gerrard 20th March, 2011 5:01pm
Chief Inspector Corner Of The Yard glared at the murderer, a hardcore punk that Daily Mail readers would forever regard as something of a paradox. It was true. Snow White was dead. Corner Of The Yard snapped at the dwarf "So! Are you Happy?"
Stephanos 19th March, 2011 7:10pm
short stature punk avoids long arm of the law
Nathaniel Southwood 19th March, 2011 4:47pm
"Oi, Bill. Check out the booty on that beast eh!"
Ben 19th March, 2011 4:32pm
A little punk goes a long way
Will Mill 19th March, 2011 1:47pm
"How do, Mr Lemon!"
Beerwhawk 19th March, 2011 12:16pm
Despite cutbacks the MET show that they can still react at short notice
Toby 19th March, 2011 10:13am
#1: Who is this Joker? #2: Dunno, just be thankful it's not that bloody penguin again.
Ben H 19th March, 2011 9:23am
Try Brewdog for something a little punk!
David Bishop 19th March, 2011 8:59am
Pint size protestor looking at Ale sentence schooner rather than later.
Nic 19th March, 2011 8:50am
Don't bottle it all up or you'll get the can!
f***ing yoda 19th March, 2011 8:25am
"size matters not. Look at me. Judge me by my size do you? You should not"
f***ing yoda 19th March, 2011 8:24am
"size matters not. Look at me. Judge me by my size do you? You should not"
Ian Prise 19th March, 2011 7:14am
Brewdog James, came close to revealing his true identity, when he sent his mini clone on undercover mission. Luckily the plod didn't notice and plan for world domination cotinues un-hindered. Muh Ha Ha Ha Ha
richard boyden 19th March, 2011 1:20am
After failed attempts at internet dating and lonely hearts columns our guy decides to try some more unconventional methods to get a date.
Johnson 18th March, 2011 11:49pm
Scotland Yard? More like Scotland Two Foot.
F***ing Mother Teresa 18th March, 2011 10:42pm
"Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies"
broccoli2000 18th March, 2011 10:15pm
Be small. Drink BIG.
Gareth 18th March, 2011 9:50pm
Micropenis support group hold robot-dancing competition to promote their plans for expansion.
D. Rodriguez 18th March, 2011 9:23pm
3 Vs 1... 2/3 wins!
Iain C 18th March, 2011 8:31pm
If at first you dont succeed... give up and have a beer!
Peter G 18th March, 2011 7:57pm
Guy second from left "Do you think he is all in proportion?"
Dave 18th March, 2011 7:40pm
"Hmm, how are we going to infiltrate this one?"
Ian Prise 18th March, 2011 7:23pm
Bracken? Of course I've met Bracken, he's signing my cheque. Bit of an armpit sniffer though.
Dredpenguin 18th March, 2011 7:14pm
Move along Halfpint, no schooners to see here.
Edd Cracknell 18th March, 2011 7:08pm
Move along move along very little to see here!
Ed Beech 18th March, 2011 6:43pm
PC Phil Mitchell was a huge sex pistols fan, but was Johhny Rotten always so small, or just very far away?
Alex Armstrong 18th March, 2011 6:40pm
"What the punk!"
Nick J 18th March, 2011 6:39pm
"I was wondering if you and your boyfriend fancied a third?"
Ian Prise 18th March, 2011 6:37pm
I've only got this gig for a week. Any jobs going with you guys? I heard they no longer have a height requirement. Haircut? Na forget it there's no way I'm getting a haircut.
Ricky 18th March, 2011 6:31pm
"This is not fair: Theý are big and I am small (bber)"
Stuart R 18th March, 2011 6:11pm
also available in full pints.
Nigel Bevan 18th March, 2011 5:55pm
"So you think throwing a Limpet Phone at me is funny eh?"
Richard Wilson 18th March, 2011 5:52pm
World's shortest protest - 'P...'
Jørn Idar Kvig 18th March, 2011 5:37pm
Small but powerfull!
Gandhi 18th March, 2011 5:30pm
"A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history."
Duncan Fisher 18th March, 2011 5:30pm
Lord Reid shows his support during Mark McGhee's first day on the beat.
Mike 18th March, 2011 5:23pm
The police had to explain to protestors against Cameron's 'Big Society' that is not an exclusionary practice against people of restricted growth, but rather an excuse for the Tories to fuck the little guy.
Adam Hynard 18th March, 2011 5:22pm
Warning! Keep hands covered this punk bites!
Guy H 18th March, 2011 5:17pm
short by the fuzz
Tiernan Duthie 18th March, 2011 5:17pm
Quality can't be mesured by size or volume... but two-thirds of BrewDog is pure perfection.
Chris 18th March, 2011 5:11pm
The MET finally finds a protest so small even they can’t fuck it up.
Kipp Hollingsworth 18th March, 2011 5:09pm
And since that day The Sex Pistols were never played at the Wonka Factory again!
Amber DeGrace 18th March, 2011 5:08pm
Will hold sign for a beer. Will dye mane red for a case.
Todd Graham 18th March, 2011 5:06pm
Mr. Snuffleupagus' small cousin stands tall for Brewdog
Mo 18th March, 2011 5:03pm
Short protest - tall opinionorSmall protest - big opinion
Horst Draper 18th March, 2011 4:56pm
The new Geriatric Division is deployed to keep the peace and discourage any fun whatsoever. Over heard: "Keep it down in there! Feh, these youngsters nowadays!"
The Beer Nut 18th March, 2011 4:51pm
"Met demonstrates new portable mini-kettle."
Guy Clapperton 18th March, 2011 4:49pm
William Hague in "hair restorer side effects" shock!
uncle wilco 18th March, 2011 4:48pm
The new special Police constable seems to have settled in very well on the beat outside brewdog HQ