Caption Competition 19

be clever, win things

Caption Competition 19

This was an out-take from The End of History v-blog!


We decided to award joint winners of the previous caption competition

...When the barmaid said 'grab any pair you want' Eric knew he made the right choice.

christopher thompson     31.05.2011

I got 77 problems but a beer ain't one...

Steven Bradley     29.05.2011

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Comments (57)

Neil Lawrence 21st June, 2011 10:43pm
Ride like the wind or we're going to play hide the salami again !!
Ed Young 21st June, 2011 6:28pm
Please fasten your Lederhosen!
tonykilleen 21st June, 2011 3:20pm
brewdogs charge of the keg brigade was an unconventional entrance to this years gbbf!!
Pasi Aapala 21st June, 2011 11:20am
I'm a wizard! Do you see my magic wand?
Andy 21st June, 2011 10:19am
(shouting) A BAGUETTE, I'VE GOT A FUCKING BAGUETE. RUN MAN RUN , YOUR GETTING MY FUCKING BAGUETTE! (Bowmore drinkin makes for good caption writin')
Andy 21st June, 2011 10:07am
RUN FRITZ RUN, I shall spank you with ze baguette if you do not run like ze wind! Die Portman Group ist on mein tailen!!Or:You shall not pass mother-hubards!
BeerHawk 21st June, 2011 9:51am
At last CAMRA says yes! (Campaign Against Martin Running Away)
Garry Smith 20th June, 2011 11:05pm
The fear grew in Martin as he realised it wasnt the sausage that was digging in to his back!!!!
Chris Tudor 20th June, 2011 9:20pm
Sausage jousting - a sport for punks
Richard Boyden 20th June, 2011 6:25pm
All I need to take down the Germans is this convincing disguise, a big sausage and my mighty steed.
Janne Gunnarsson 20th June, 2011 5:51pm
We must put an end to this environmental-unfriendly-plastic surrounding our sausages...
Steve Armstrong 20th June, 2011 5:41pm
Is that a sausage in your hand or are you just....oh, never mind.
Yuri Katunin 20th June, 2011 4:42pm
The Sausage Empire Strikes Back!Defend yourself by "The End of History" or die!
Magnus Nevstad 20th June, 2011 4:09pm
Winners of the German Sausage Joust at BeerFest '11, James and Martin du a victory round waving their sausage at the crowd
Rick Furzer 20th June, 2011 3:59pm
Janne Gunnarsson 20th June, 2011 3:57pm
There was fear in his eyes, and it prooved he would not be wrong...
Chris 20th June, 2011 3:56pm
"i didnt sign up for this shit,"
@messerbest 20th June, 2011 3:55pm
"This will make a good photo for the caption competition"
Scott Liddell 20th June, 2011 3:54pm
Made it, Ma! Top of the world!
steve 20th June, 2011 1:22pm
there was only one clear favorite for the sausage jockey stakes at Newmarket this year!
Toni Craig 20th June, 2011 12:21pm
james forgot that bruce turned into sausage ninja in the precence of Barney the purple dinosaur
Philip Stephen 20th June, 2011 1:08am
With his mighty meat sword in hand, the rider marched on with some loony on his back holding a sausage.
Joseph Dyson 20th June, 2011 12:50am
Meanwhile, in Germany . . . .
J T Sanwick 19th June, 2011 10:18pm
The Germans were crowned new world champions of the underground, but honourbale sport of wurst jousting
J T Sanwick 19th June, 2011 10:15pm
After sinking the bismark, The 5am saint rode onward to victory in Tokyo. This was surely the end of history as we knew it.
Douglas Jordan 19th June, 2011 7:19pm
despite being mounted from behind by a german with a big sausage, Martin was more concerned with the loss of his brand new hat.
Monty 19th June, 2011 4:11pm
You can't get better than a wurst-wielding whipper!
Warren Zevon 18th June, 2011 8:02pm
Send sausage, beer and a bumboy
Kevin Magennis 18th June, 2011 7:02pm
Faster you fool, or you'll taste my sausage
Nathaniel Southwood 18th June, 2011 4:51pm
Wir müssen mit dem Fleisch Taktstock zu entkommen!
GhostDrinker 18th June, 2011 12:43pm
The audition for A Knights Tale didn't go down too well....
Emma 18th June, 2011 10:20am
Living the dream
Taco 18th June, 2011 8:17am
Run Martin! Not only have we sunk the Bismarck, I've stolen their Holy Bradwurst as well...
GhostDrinker 18th June, 2011 1:11am
I've got the look, now I just need the Braveheart speech!
shaun mcsweeney 17th June, 2011 10:38pm
with james martin always feared the wurst
Ian Jukes 17th June, 2011 9:01pm
At Last zwe have found the paintin " Ze fallen Madonna wiz tha Big Boobies"
Ian Jukes 17th June, 2011 8:59pm
Wurst ever Version of "Its a KNock out"
Toby 17th June, 2011 7:45pm
Wurst. Competition. Ever.
Chris V 17th June, 2011 6:35pm
Herr Martin! I made you a statue of the Fuhrer's wife out of zis sausague! Guess what! It's not so good. In fact...It's the wurst Eva...
coty yamato 17th June, 2011 6:24pm
i'm off to see the wizard. the wonderful wizard of oz
Mark McLean 17th June, 2011 5:46pm
Faster bitch or you will lose more than your hat next time!!!
Tiernan 17th June, 2011 5:38pm
James' enthusism was not matched by his trusty steed, Martin, who had grown tired of being repeatedly whipped by a large german sausage.
Mark Richards 17th June, 2011 4:40pm
Faster Wolfgang, don't let that penguin get away!!!
Jamie Phillips 17th June, 2011 4:21pm
This is why Tommy needed protection from 'zee Germans'
shaun mcsweeney 17th June, 2011 3:57pm
whats the bratwurst that can happen
Christian Scheffel 17th June, 2011 3:51pm
What's the wurst that can happen?
hardknottdave 17th June, 2011 3:39pm
"Now then Martin, fancy a game of hide the sausage love?"
Bosher 17th June, 2011 3:34pm
Having munched all of the German Sausage, all that was left was Saucisson Sec...x
Bosher 17th June, 2011 3:32pm
Having munched all of the German Sausage, all that was left was left Saucisson Sec...x
Nathaniel Southwood 17th June, 2011 3:30pm
James was never quite the same after the Germany Incident.
Broadfordbrewer 17th June, 2011 3:29pm
I've got sausage, this is sausage!...smell my sausage you mutha!
Dan Close 17th June, 2011 3:27pm
Although the worst was yet to come, Dave already knew this was a game of 'hide the sausage' he'd never forget.
Michael Bates 17th June, 2011 3:27pm
The bratwurst in James' hand wasn't the only one that concerned Martin.
Michael Richardson 17th June, 2011 3:19pm
This isn't the bavarian sauasage I was hoping for
Rob 17th June, 2011 3:15pm
You can take our strongest beer award, but you can never take...OUR SAUSAGESSSS!!!!!!!
HardknottDave 17th June, 2011 3:14pm
James had never felt quite as big a dick......
Davis 17th June, 2011 3:13pm
For Brewhan, we ride!Like, for Rohan? I feel it fits with JAmes' wizard hat.