Caption Competition 26

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Caption Competition 26

The best caption wins a £50 voucher for our online shop or for our bars! Good luck!

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Comments (55)

Harry K 27th July, 2012 9:27am
At least someone was enjoying The View...
Chris H 25th July, 2012 6:25pm
This Punk needs no stinking platic bag to keep the rain off... WIMPS!!! 25th July, 2012 6:07pm
Tickets to T in the park: £179Rain coat: £19Price of beer to help you forget you saw The View: £50Remembering you brought some kick ass craft beer with you: Priceless! 25th July, 2012 5:59pm
Dilemma...Good news: pretty good chance I can hit the drones on stage from here. Bad news: The shitemonkeys get to drink my Punk IPA.
Peter C 25th July, 2012 9:53am
One Punk to rule them all, One Punk to find them,One Punk to bring them all and in the park enlighten.
Alex D 25th July, 2012 9:17am
Instant sunshine!
mhislop 25th July, 2012 8:45am
the worlds first home made craft can grenade would be used wisely.
Minimalizarte 25th July, 2012 8:29am
Star of the show
Dave S 25th July, 2012 8:05am
T in the Bark
JOckelford 24th July, 2012 9:31pm
I P in A park
Baconheadband 24th July, 2012 9:12pm
Avert your eyes, oh lord!
wordmongerbc 24th July, 2012 9:12pm
Punk rocks!
whiteee 24th July, 2012 7:10pm
when you are this wet outside - what better way to make you wet on the inside!ortinthe(PUNK IPA)rk
Patrick D 24th July, 2012 6:45pm
Oi mate, I'll swap this attitude filled craft ale for £50???
tudorguy 24th July, 2012 6:43pm
Finally meeting their match, the Tennent's Zombies hastily retreated
GrahamLaird1 24th July, 2012 6:42pm
In comparison to BrewDog the other beer brand looked a bit washed out.
Graeme K 24th July, 2012 6:42pm
No T in Punk IPA keeping it fresh
Patrick D 24th July, 2012 6:39pm
Im brewdog the ale hunter, this punk thought he could break rules, now he's spending the rest of his life behind bars! leaving his trashy blonde all alone 24th July, 2012 5:12pm
Popeye: "That's all I can stand, I can't stands no more. Olive; pass the Punk IPA" 24th July, 2012 5:11pm
"BMA announces Punk IPA effective for relieving depression (Take one every hour or as needed when drowning in mediocrity)" 24th July, 2012 5:06pm
“I’m leathered all day when I drinks IPA; I’m Popeye the craft beer man!”
Mark C 24th July, 2012 4:49pm
Just walkin' in the park, hand in hand with the one I love.
Godparticle1 24th July, 2012 4:47pm
Fuck me, this tastes more of rubber than all the mackintosh's here put together.
donearlenspry 24th July, 2012 4:23pm
Punk Indian at T Park, Drinking Ale in the Dark
Joe T 24th July, 2012 4:17pm
"Taking the P out of T since 2006"
skiboyrobertson 24th July, 2012 3:45pm
Stand tall and rise above the anoracks.
Kevin B 24th July, 2012 3:40pm
Can down, behind enemy lines
Simon B 24th July, 2012 3:17pm
What's the matter, keg monkeys? Afraid you'll get REAL beer on you?
Gstrain 24th July, 2012 3:01pm
Blue Craft rising from the yellow mundane!
Gordon M 24th July, 2012 2:53pm
First decent Punk outfit at T in years...
Luke R 24th July, 2012 2:27pm
Stick your Revolution in the air!
Nick T 24th July, 2012 2:23pm
"A brew with a View."
Nick T 24th July, 2012 2:19pm
A punk in the hand is worth T in the park.
JenB 24th July, 2012 2:15pm
'You've got to ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?'
SonnyBarged 24th July, 2012 2:15pm
Agggrh! The dilemma: such good beer yet so many unsuspecting hipsters....
Andy W 24th July, 2012 2:11pm
"Hey, God dude, if I give you one of these will you turn the sprinklers off?"
Tomas Halberstad 24th July, 2012 2:07pm
What band?
The_Barron 24th July, 2012 2:07pm
Far better than "Tea" in the Park...
winemalyon 24th July, 2012 2:06pm
'The View' is good and it's not yet dark a blue can in my hand its 'P In The Park'!
Tom W 24th July, 2012 2:06pm
Drink in that view.
spz 24th July, 2012 2:03pm
When the weather is shite, and the music is worse, why not enjoy a Punk?
Jimmy M 24th July, 2012 2:01pm
Blue-Can Thinking
Corey L 24th July, 2012 1:46pm
Tin Soldier!
GoofusInsanius 24th July, 2012 1:31pm
Punk in drublic.
NixEre 24th July, 2012 1:16pm
milnero 24th July, 2012 1:11pm
lixer 24th July, 2012 1:08pm
Squatters rights.Down with tennants.
Olsta 24th July, 2012 1:07pm
I can't remember if I pissed in this or not. Certainly tastes like it.
William F 24th July, 2012 1:04pm
stray dog caught in park humanely destroyed
Stuart forsyth 24th July, 2012 1:03pm
Sod The View, I gotta better one right here!
Plumbob 24th July, 2012 1:00pm
Stands out in the sea of yellow piss
jimmonag 24th July, 2012 1:00pm
This was the can that twatted the gimp from the view.
Niall Robertson 24th July, 2012 12:59pm
Nevermind the Bollocks in the park! Here's the Punk!!!!
lixer 24th July, 2012 12:59pm
Headlining beer
jrobertson 24th July, 2012 12:53pm
Punk in the Park