Caption Competition 32

Say funny things, win awesome stuff

Caption Competition 32

It's that time again!

Say funny things, win tasty beer. Simple as that! Drop your wittiest words in the comments below *points downwards* and the best one will win a case of BrewDog goodies!

What are you waiting for? Simcoe's caption awaits!

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Comments (137)

Neil R 21.09.2014 @ 4:09pm
Ah, so thats what you mean when you said you got yourself a guide dog...
Mcdoyley 21.09.2014 @ 9:42am
Get me a beer now, BITCH!
futurefjp 21.09.2014 @ 7:52am
No we dont have any beers from Labrador, but we do have one Labrador left ...
Michael M 20.09.2014 @ 8:34pm
Im sorry you must be mistaken human......what do you mean there is no Brewdog in the fridge????
Reece Hugill 20.09.2014 @ 7:15pm
Dry hop my toilet water or ill piss in the fridge
mäggäri 20.09.2014 @ 4:37pm
Brew Doge Seal of Approval
MHS 20.09.2014 @ 1:45pm
#Beer or #Lager not sure?
Ferrariboy 20.09.2014 @ 12:11pm
Why is it that every time we go for a walk we end up here?
Chris brown 20.09.2014 @ 1:39am
For your own holographic guard dogPlease check SIM.CO.DOG
droach75 20.09.2014 @ 12:03am
he looks like Mr Peanut Butter
Chris brown 19.09.2014 @ 11:11pm
For your own holographic guard dogPlease check SIM.CO.DOG 19.09.2014 @ 9:23pm
What do you mean theres no Westvleteren XII? 19.09.2014 @ 7:15pm
Now I want to be your dogNow I want to be your dogNow I want to be your dog(Cmon) (I want to be your dog you know it)
Emma 19.09.2014 @ 12:37pm
I dont care if your hung over, youre not getting any hair of this dog!
JohnGlassandGrowler 19.09.2014 @ 11:38am
I think someone misunderstood the question can I take beer out in a growler!
Chris H 19.09.2014 @ 9:15am
You WILL NOT have beer until you take me for a walk!
Ville L 19.09.2014 @ 8:37am
There was a terrible instant when Simcoe misunderstood what his owner had in mind when he was talking about having a dog for dessert.
chris.moewes 19.09.2014 @ 4:11am
You should see what the cat is guarding.
Pearse O 19.09.2014 @ 1:54am
Simcoe wished he was named after a German hop, Magnum would really impress the bitches!
coryann8 19.09.2014 @ 1:34am
Ive been specially trained to guard nothing, except beer. I am THE BrewDog!
melsenpai 19.09.2014 @ 12:25am
This one is going to the dogs...
ThorsHammer 18.09.2014 @ 11:26pm
Ben F 18.09.2014 @ 11:16pm
Simcoe sometimes needs reminding that he is in fact a labrador, not a Belgian Shepherd.
AllyMelmac 18.09.2014 @ 10:11pm
BrewDOG!?! If its brewed dogs Ill bite your balls off. Woof
Bsct720 18.09.2014 @ 9:46pm
Umm, sir.... I see no wagon tail pale ale??
Annek 18.09.2014 @ 7:58pm
Im getting the feeling Im not the only dog you love these days??
BottleShopDrew 18.09.2014 @ 7:43pm
I have no concept of either beer or caption competitions... Because Im a dog.
Spam 18.09.2014 @ 6:50pm
What, no Red Stripe?
bigkev 18.09.2014 @ 6:35pm
Mans best friend VS Mans best friend
Scott L 18.09.2014 @ 6:28pm
What do you mean its not beer time…the bitch is out for a couple hours and I have a drouth nae real…get the Punk out now!
ikilledmyfish 18.09.2014 @ 6:15pm
Why didnt I get a label?
Nicklas W 18.09.2014 @ 5:20pm
Its called Brewdogs, what do you mean I dont get to try any?
mandya999 18.09.2014 @ 4:34pm
I dont know what the squiggles on the labels are but with careful manoeuvring I can retrieve the lot.
Dominix 18.09.2014 @ 4:21pm
Ever since you got that fridge i dont feel like you love me anymore.
AVSlegt 18.09.2014 @ 4:17pm
A guidedog, useful for every situation
Dave Cowell 18.09.2014 @ 4:00pm
This fridge contains the dog tags of all my fallen brothers, someday I will have mine in there too. Until then, I will guard this, I am the protector, I am SIMCOE!
Scarecrow 18.09.2014 @ 3:16pm
A fridge full of beer was sent to the lab for analysis.
Sidman 18.09.2014 @ 3:14pm
They do what to dogs???? Brewdog its not what you think.
Stoppard19 18.09.2014 @ 2:56pm
Hair of the WHAT?!?
PaulH 18.09.2014 @ 2:53pm
This is not pedigree chum. Are you drunk?
jdrusek 18.09.2014 @ 2:06pm
Sometimes you have to bite the dog that bit you.
Jon M 18.09.2014 @ 2:05pm
...youll notice that Ive labelled all of MY stuff in the fridge...
ChrisHallBeer 18.09.2014 @ 2:01pm
Detect the beers in the fridge behind me using nothing but my sense of smell, you say? Ok, fine: Duvel, Chimay Bleu, La Trappe Blonde, Orval... 18.09.2014 @ 2:01pm
...youll notice that Ive labelled all of MY stuff in the fridge...
Niall Robertson 18.09.2014 @ 2:00pm
What do you mean you dont make squirrel infused beer??? Ive seen the bottle?!??!!? WOOF WOOF!!
Lupuloopy 18.09.2014 @ 1:49pm
So beerVery flavourCraftSuch hopWow
Pedro99 18.09.2014 @ 1:44pm
Benwhite5 18.09.2014 @ 1:44pm
At BrewDog, we Labr-adore Belgian beer.
bpgreen1 18.09.2014 @ 1:28pm
No, not Golden. Im an Imperial Blonde Retriever.
anilsen 18.09.2014 @ 1:27pm
Cerberus?Nah mate, we dont have any Spanish beers.
CaptainCladdagh 18.09.2014 @ 1:11pm
This better be important! I just broke it off down town with a nice lookin poodle for this. Should a saw the fluff on that dame! Anyway, give me a stout before I start to regret this. Make it imperial!
benwhite5 18.09.2014 @ 12:56pm
At BrewDog, we labr-adore Belgian beer. 18.09.2014 @ 12:55pm
In my life span I am 21, what do you mean Im not old enough?!
Gerogie May 18.09.2014 @ 12:55pm
Andrex in Wonderland.
captnjohnnymo 18.09.2014 @ 12:54pm
Can I get you a brew, dog?
Dutch 18.09.2014 @ 12:51pm
Wait... What?.... You want a Heineken?!....... Are you serious?.... I mean really?.... Come on mate!..... Seriously?..... *disappointed and a look of disbelieve*......
Nick R 18.09.2014 @ 12:45pm
These are not the beers you are looking for. Move along.
beeroclock 18.09.2014 @ 12:42pm
The other day my mom and I had a conversation about machines and liquid food to keep people alive in life threatening situations.... I told her if I ever needed such life support I want her to pull the plug... All of the sudden she got up, put the TV out, grabbed my beer and poured it empty in the sink......
Annette Raffan 18.09.2014 @ 12:34pm
Yo fellaz. If you wanta da beer, you gonna have to go through me. Capeesh?
John C 18.09.2014 @ 12:28pm
Is that cat shit on your breath?
getmeinahalfpipe 18.09.2014 @ 12:27pm
I will bite your nuts off if you touch my beer
TJudge 18.09.2014 @ 12:26pm
I better get a beer too, or im going to hound you till i do!
Andyp007 18.09.2014 @ 12:25pm
fit for human consumption eh! never mind me... Yours sadly blue dog
Gary B 18.09.2014 @ 12:21pm
You shall not pass.
czoper 18.09.2014 @ 12:16pm
A mans best friend.. and a dog protecting it!
bigeagle12 18.09.2014 @ 12:15pm
Not even my bitch can get her paws on this collection.
Dan R 18.09.2014 @ 12:11pm
I far prefer these Belgian ones. They dont list me as an ingredient, for a start.
bigeagle12 18.09.2014 @ 12:08pm
Being a golden RETRIEVER is dumb if you dont got thumbs to get your hands on the goods.
Andyp007 18.09.2014 @ 12:08pm
fit for human consumption eh! never mind me... Yours sadly blue dog
JPMV 18.09.2014 @ 12:06pm
Label recognition training for retrievers.
bigeagle12 18.09.2014 @ 12:04pm
Whose leg do I gotta hump around here to get a brew?!
alan smithee 18.09.2014 @ 12:04pm
Brewdog is very disappointed by this selection. Brewdog thinks you have a very narrow idea of Belgian beer. Brewdog will just stare at you until you realize fault.
ryan 18.09.2014 @ 12:02pm
gmat2 18.09.2014 @ 12:02pm
Look, I know I embarrassed you in front of your friends last time, but if you let me have just one your leg will stay un-humped tonight.
bigeagle12 18.09.2014 @ 12:02pm
You trying to touch my special reserve? NOBODY touches my special reserve.
Kieran Beattie 18.09.2014 @ 11:51am
Brewdog: Beer For Monks
Puntertron 18.09.2014 @ 11:51am
Pleeeease, just the one? I promise not to confuse your xbox with a lamppost again....
KongTheApe 18.09.2014 @ 11:47am
With James off making TV in the States Simcoe was back on guard duty. Those damn employees just couldnt be trusted.
PHarris 18.09.2014 @ 11:46am
I think I will be ruff in the morning after a couple of these......
HDwalsh 18.09.2014 @ 11:46am
They say every dog has his day. This pups is set to have a whole month! Cheers, lucky BrewDog!
martinegreen 18.09.2014 @ 11:43am
I say chaps, that Tennents lager is awfully good for washing ones private parts!
duncmck7 18.09.2014 @ 11:42am
Will you just believe me Rover! We dont really brew-dogs #chillax
Lupuloopy 18.09.2014 @ 11:42am
Thatll teach me to ask a smartarse barman for something golden and lively.
tommyl 18.09.2014 @ 11:42am
Next ones on me, you seem like youve had a ruff day
Matt4545 18.09.2014 @ 11:40am
Checkout our new fridge for the blind. Them labels are braille, you dig? Feel the small print for further info.
TotalCurtis 18.09.2014 @ 11:37am
Well, yes actually I DO still rate Duvel and Chimay highly despite their size. In fact the Cinq Cents pairs most excellently with Pedigree Chum.
Aiberdeenquine 18.09.2014 @ 11:36am
It may be raining outside, but theres always sunshine in the fridge with BrewDog...
SiWinter 18.09.2014 @ 11:32am
You want all of this beer? I cant give you an exact price but I can give you a ruff estimate.
PhilB1612 18.09.2014 @ 11:29am
James, the cow may have let you, I will not... my nipples are sacred
Antonius, the Eidolon of Countless Battles 18.09.2014 @ 11:28am
Bust a backflip, earn yourself a beer of your choosing dawg #tricks4beers
Big Chinwell 18.09.2014 @ 11:28am
Introducing the blind-drunk guide dog... Helping you get to the kebab shop then home when youre blind-drunk and in need of munch!
david f 18.09.2014 @ 11:26am
What pup wouldnt look miserable if Instagram filters made you look radioactive........
Robbert 18.09.2014 @ 11:26am
Lets go for a walk? Look at the fridge man!
RyanGSDavies 18.09.2014 @ 11:24am
Please, not the In dog beers, Ive only had one! joke again..
johnnyboy 18.09.2014 @ 11:24am
I licked one, can ya guess which?
Marino Citra 18.09.2014 @ 11:23am
hey man, i know you like beers but last time you forgot where the toilet was and i had to take you out for a walk...
MikeAD 18.09.2014 @ 11:23am
See this lot? Drank them all in a night. Tasted great, but the next day I felt ruff...
glasghost 18.09.2014 @ 11:23am
how many brews could a brew dog brew if a brew dog could brew brews?
Suosaurus 18.09.2014 @ 11:22am
Give in to the dark side!
Shamikebab 18.09.2014 @ 11:22am
Did you just ask me if I want a glass with that?
Jackorake 18.09.2014 @ 11:22am
When I said have these beers looked at by the Beer Lab.....idiot!
david f 18.09.2014 @ 11:22am
Dog walks into a bar........
Lupuloopy 18.09.2014 @ 11:20am
No wonder I feel wuff
PetePassion 18.09.2014 @ 11:20am
Youve had enough, hand it over and youll get it back next time.
cjd85 18.09.2014 @ 11:19am
They needed the best... they got the best.. Fido was Worlds Hardest Guard-Dog 6 years running and found his most important assignment at Brewdog HQ.
Simon B 18.09.2014 @ 11:19am
Those other dogs, the ones that bury their bones? Stupid! Label it and stick it in the fridge for later - thats my motto!
Franck D 18.09.2014 @ 11:19am
You promised me IPA! I trusted you...
Paul A 18.09.2014 @ 11:19am
I think you will find, these beers are mine, get your own!
Dan R 18.09.2014 @ 11:19am
After taking a bash at the Hipster Beer Name Generator, Brewdog unveil their latest: Sepia Dog Fridge.
Seanc1783 18.09.2014 @ 11:18am
these are not the beers youre looking for. 18.09.2014 @ 11:18am
Wheres the bloody hops then? Belgians and Wheats are no good to me!
luvas 18.09.2014 @ 11:18am
Do you want a Brew, Dog?
J Kershaw 18.09.2014 @ 11:17am
Curse these non opposable thumbs.
czoper 18.09.2014 @ 11:17am
Yo, its BrewDawg! We heard you like dogs, so we installed a dog in our BrewDog!
Fanboy Puppy Lover 18.09.2014 @ 11:17am
James, I told you I like my bones served at room temperature - NOT CHILLED!
M Arganetto 18.09.2014 @ 11:17am
I peed on it. Now its my refrigerator. I own it.
Kiichi 18.09.2014 @ 11:15am
Go ahead and pick something for youself, I already marked mine.
bisseparoni 18.09.2014 @ 11:15am
I wont take off my sad face before You get some BrewDog beers in this fridge.
EvsBristol 18.09.2014 @ 11:15am
Even bottles of beer get a tag, no longer feel special
KongTheApe 18.09.2014 @ 11:15am
What do you mean theyre yours not mine? Its BrewDog not BrewHuman, Im confused.
David Edwards 18.09.2014 @ 11:15am
I know I was sick in your shoes last time, but...
FTGGarrow 18.09.2014 @ 11:14am
Mans best friends.
Matthew F 18.09.2014 @ 11:14am
You named me, so you should have thought of the consequences when it came to the no touching if someones name is on rule.
doggyfresh 18.09.2014 @ 11:14am
Im a dog and I bark really loud at other dogs
Notton77 18.09.2014 @ 11:13am
open the fridge Im gasping !
Arnav 18.09.2014 @ 11:13am
Damn you and your opposable thumbs, fascist!
Dan Bunker 18.09.2014 @ 11:12am
Thank the Dog God that the Brewdogs hoppy beers masked the smell of that one.
james m 18.09.2014 @ 11:12am
Youre getting hee haw till you vote AYE
Iain 18.09.2014 @ 11:12am
No, no, I said beer laboratory.
Kyanor 18.09.2014 @ 11:11am
What do you mean with No beer for dogs?
SpannaMUNKY 18.09.2014 @ 11:10am
What do you mean I cant have the fridge full of beer?! Look at these puppy dog eyes
Simcoe Himself 18.09.2014 @ 11:10am
Take one step closer, I double-dare you motherf*cker.
Dan Bunker 18.09.2014 @ 11:10am
Can I take your order? 18.09.2014 @ 11:10am
Wheres the bloody hops then? Belgians and Wheats are no good to me!
Samwelburn 18.09.2014 @ 11:08am
Im just going to bloody well sit here until you install a dog flap
Dan Bunker 18.09.2014 @ 11:08am
It wasnt me!
Sanwelburn 18.09.2014 @ 11:07am
Im just going to bloody well sit here until you install a dog flap