Clown King and the January Sales

Something old, something new, something tasty, something brewed...

Clown King and the January Sales

Although it sounds like the name of a ska punk band, Clown King and the January Sales are something else entirely. For the full scoop, read on...

Clown King - US style barley wine


Clown King is a hopped up, amped up American style barley wine. Ready to corrupt your senses, this beer is a riot of flavour and aroma. On Clown King’s nose you’ll find caramel and toasted marshmallow aromas, but also raisin and dried fruit. With toasty malt and sweet dark fruit flavours, and a smooth, chewy mouthfeel, you’ll be lulled into a false sense of security, before the Clown King springs up and flings a bucket of spicy, fruity hops right in your face.

Our new US style barley wine is available from the online shop today and in our bars from next week.

January Sales - Old World IPA & Russian Imperial Stout, and Unleash the Yeast


Were you one of those people who stood in line on Boxing Day from 3am just to get into the shops marginally faster than everybody else? If so, shame on you. All the bargains you need are right here, and you've probably already spent all the money your granny gave you on pointless gizmos and water-damaged shirts (if you scored socks instead of pennies, unlucky). If you managed to make it through the festive season with your bank balance intact, why not reward yourself with a couple of our favourites from late last year - the Old World beers and the Unleash the Yeast series are now available at reduced price exclusively on the online shop.


These beers proved really popular so grab what's left while you can, and we'll get to work on brewing up something new and tasty to replace them. There's not much left, but at least you won't need to camp out in a tent with all your bargain hunting friends to get your hands on these - you can order them right now, from where you're sitting!



Don't forget to let us know what you think of Clown King on Twitter and Facebook, or in the comments below!

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Comments (4)

Alfredo Bittar 17th January, 2014 5:20pm
I want Old World IPA in Brazil!!!!!
jon t 16th January, 2014 12:05pm
clown king sounds awesome! going to stock up right now!
buffalo 16th January, 2014 12:04pm
Are you going to do any more Old World beers?
gordo 16th January, 2014 12:01pm
Loved Shipwrecker Circus, reckon Im going to love Clown King too!