Collab Fest Brewday at BrewDog HQ

11 brewers and us make the most collaborative brew ever

Collab Fest Brewday at BrewDog HQ

Next month, we’re hosting the biggest collaborative beer festival the world has ever seen. On October 19th our bars will be tapping 12 new never-before-seen beers. 11 of these beers are the result of our awesome bar teams buddying up with one of their local breweries. And the twelfth beer? Well, that’s the maddest, most collaborating-est beer of all.


To say thank you to the incredible brewing teams who have welcomed our bar staff into their breweries, we invited them to come to ours. So on Tuesday 11 brewers turned up at our Ellon HQ for a tour, a taste of a few new beers and – of course – to make one of their own.

The beer will be a 5.2% rye pale ale but here’s the twist: it uses 11 different hops, chosen by 11 different brewers. As well as choosing the hop variety, they chose at what stage of the boil their hop was added. This meant that they could decide which characteristics of the hop to bring out – bitterness, flavour or aroma.  



This is the most varieties of hops we’ve ever used in a single brew at BrewDog, and we'd like to thank our friends again for helping us push the bounds of the UK beer scene.


All 12 beers will be unveiled on October 19th at your local BrewDog bar, with the brewers on hand to give you the lowdown. You can find out more here

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Comments (5)

Ed Oz 30th September, 2013 11:00am
Thanks armando_otchoa. I assumed SOMEONE would have gone ,mad with hop varieties!
armando_otchoa 27th September, 2013 5:17pm
ED Ozexactly 11?more:
louis_shoreditch 27th September, 2013 11:57am
i cannot wait for this. t'is goona be epic.
dozens 26th September, 2013 1:26pm
I am definitely coming down to a bar for this. 12 beers, that's 3 flights of all new stuff! That's what I call a good night. Maybe if one of them is really awesome you'll make it a regular...?
Ed Oz 26th September, 2013 1:20pm
11 hops? Has anyone done that before? I googled it, no luck.