27 breweries. 27 bars. 27 beers. 1 #CollabFest.


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Last week we tipped you the wink about our upcoming celebration of collaboration - #CollabFest2016. Each and every one of our UK Bars’ crews conspired with a local brewery on a unique beer, and from this coming Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd October we are pouring all of them from the taps of the bars, giving you a chance to talk to the people who made them whilst enjoying the beers on offer.

But what exactly will you be enjoying? Well, here’s the beer list.

Our annual showcase of co-operation is in its fourth year – so we are going bigger than ever. With 27 beers on offer, we have extended the festival to cover an entire three-day weekend. So head to your nearest UK BrewDog Bar and embrace the creativity of #CollabFest2016.

Those 27 blank brewsheets produced the following…

Aberdeen & Fierce Beer

Black Flagship (6.5%) Bramble and chocolate porter

Birmingham & Fixed Wheel Brewery

Coffee Fix (6.1%) Coffee-infused stout

Brighton & Brighton Bier

Hung Like a Gorse (7.0%) Toasted coconut imperial stout

Bristol & Wiper & True

Don’t Get Lemon (9.5%) Double IPA

Camden & Howling Hops

Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream Pale Ale (5.5%) Lactose pale ale with raspberries

Cardiff & Crafty Devil

No Ifs, No Buts, Just Coconuts (5.2%) Coconut and vanilla milk stout

Castlegate & Stewart Brewing

They’re Coming to Get Rhu Barbra (4.5%) Sour pale ale with rhubarb

Clapham & Anspach & Hobday

The Marmalade Saison (5.6%) Saison with Bermondsey marmalade

Clerkenwell & Affinity Brewing Co & Elusive Brewing

Brimful of Masha (7.2%) Coffee and maple US red ale

DogHouse Glasgow & Fyne Ales

Heather Loch Beer (5.5%) Smoked pink peppercorn and heather-infused witbier

Dundee & Alechemy

Chocorange is the New Black (4.7%) Orange-infused milk stout

Edinburgh & Top Out

Blond Peanut Mild (4.2%) Blond peanut mild

Glasgow & Dead End Brew Machine

The Glasgow Project (6.4%) Cherry and bourbon oaked saison

Leeds & Rooster’s Brewery

I’m A Lumberjack (And I’m Oak-Aged) (5.7%) Oak-aged IPA

Leicester & Alphabet Brewing

King's Blood (5.3%) Pomegranate Irish red ale

Liverpool & Liverpool Craft Beer Co

Manolis IPA (6.0%) Waimea, Nelson Sauvin, Chinook, Centennial and El Dorado IPA

Manchester & Cloudwater

Colourblind (4.5%) Session amber ale

Newcastle & Almasty Brewing Co w/Modern Times

Morning Wood (6.0%) Brown Ale with Modern Times barrel-aged coffee

Norwich & Brew By Numbers

17|08 Table Saison – Mustard & Sea Salt (3.0%) Mustard & sea salt saison

Nottingham & Black Iris

Satan's Lollipop (5.5%) Chilli and cherry stout ‘dry-hopped’ with cherry blossom

Sheffield & Abbeydale

Iced Tea Dead People (4.6%) Peach iced-tea beer

Shepherd’s Bush & Siren Craft Brew

Ten Dollar Shake (6.6%) Fruit smoothie IPA

Shoreditch & Weird Beard

Dead By Dawn (5.5%) Cherry breakfast stout

Soho & Fourpure Brewing Co

Mangoes into a Bar (5.0%) Sour mango wheat beer

Southampton & Dancing Man Brewery

Black's the New Orange (4.1%) Orange Jaffa Cake stout

Stirling & Fallen Brewing Co

Malibru (4.1%) Pineapple and coconut sour

ShuffleDog & Brew York

Black Dog of White Horse Bay (5.6%) India stout

So there you have it. Cherries, pomegranate, mustard – clearly nothing was off the agenda when our teams got to grips with the brewkits of those 27 incredible craft breweries. Every possible style and a huge amount of inventive interpretation unleashed – but we wouldn’t expect it to go any other way. When you head along to your local BrewDog bar during the event, be sure and ask the bar staff how they got on during their brewdays!

From the start of #CollabFest2016 weekend on Friday 21st October you can make notes as to your favourite beer on the tasting booklet available in our bars, and then tag your thoughts on social media using the #CollabFest2016 hashtag. The best online tasting notes we see will win a selection of beer and epic merch throughout the weekend! We have also worked on another collaboration – with Untappd – to create a bespoke badge for anyone checking in one of the beers over those three days, so be sure and grab yours, if you use the app!

Enjoy the beers, make notes and speak to those involved – and before #CollabFest2016 kicks off let us know which of those 27 beers is the one you’ll gravitate towards first!

You can invest in BrewDog USA by clicking here www.equityforpunksusa.com

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Comments (23)

Catherine 23.10.2016 @ 1:15pm
Bit of a stout/porter lovers paradise this year - lucky for me! Black Flagship and Satan's Lollipop are my standouts, though hoping there's some Dead by Dawn left today . Surprised there weren't more smoked beers this year as they seem to be growing in popularity. Nothing to challenge Ilkley Brewery's legendary white chocolate stout from 2014 though!
Paul 21.10.2016 @ 2:47pm
Sat in Bristol dog. Was gutted the Jaffa cake stout wasn't on ...until I tasted Hung Like A Gorse then it got even better! Favourite has to be Black Flagship so far ...sadly my wife is vegan so can't taste it until someone guarantees it's vegan! ????
Pete H 21.10.2016 @ 12:54pm
Sorry I'm late ....
Quite a few fruit beers, saisons, sours and a few with coconut, but I'll try anything once.
Looking forward to trying as many as I can this w/e.
John 20.10.2016 @ 2:21pm
Best beer names IMO
Mangoes into a bar
Iced Tea Dead People
I'm a Lumberjack
Brimful of Masha
Heather loch beer.
All the beers sound fantastic, but I'll be trying these first!
Tom Jones 20.10.2016 @ 10:12am
I agree with Elvis, would have been nice to see Cromarty and Tempest involved.
BrewDog Rich 20.10.2016 @ 9:40am
Doghouse/Ben - All 27 beers will be on at each bar over the course of the weekend!
Ben 19.10.2016 @ 10:40pm
Will it just be the Bar's own collab that will be available at that bar or will there be a selection?
Doghouse 19.10.2016 @ 10:06pm
Will all 27 beers be available on each bar? Or do each bar just have there colab?
BrewDog Rich 19.10.2016 @ 5:44pm
Paul - The difference there is the collaboration beers that have been on at DogTap previously have been brewed in Ellon by breweries visiting us. As you know CollabFest involves our crews going to others to create the beers - DogTap is specifically for BrewDog beers as it's attached to the brewery!

Sorry if you feel neglected, our brewery taproom is where we often trial small batch and pilot creations that don't go to other bars, plus our house beers come from the other side of the wall so they have almost no transport distance to cover :) Hopefully you can head into the city and visit either of the two Aberdeen bars and enjoy the festival there. Cheers!
Paul 19.10.2016 @ 5:28pm
Understand that however they've sold collaboration beers previously - Just unsure what the difference is with this and why we miss out? Would be amazing to have it at the heart of BrewDog, kinda feel neglected we don't get the same awesome things the other 27 bars get. :(
BrewDog Rich 19.10.2016 @ 4:38pm
Calum - when the bars open on Friday!
Calum 19.10.2016 @ 4:36pm
Rich, when does this all kick off on Friday?
BrewDog Rich 19.10.2016 @ 4:26pm
Paul - DogTap isn't part of CollabFest - it's our brewery bar so solely features BrewDog beer as you know. We run the CollabFest with our bars that carry guest beers (the festival will also not be calling at the BottleDog basement bar as it only has a few lines).

Elvis - We left it up to our bar crews to choose which breweries they liked and wanted to work with! Tempest were one of the first breweries we approached as we (and our bar crews) love what they do but it wasn't to be this time. Thanks for pointing out the typo - that's the second time I've made that one :-/
Dave 19.10.2016 @ 4:16pm
Elvis. Cromarty brewing is three hours from Aberdeen, Stewart brewing is three hours from Aberdeen. What's the problem?
Elvis 19.10.2016 @ 3:33pm
Brewdog Rich - I get 27 is a lot but must be others closer to Aberdeen? Cromarty for example? Shame to see Tempest not being used if you're picking them all from near Edinburgh

Also is forepure a new London brewery we don't know about??
Paul. 19.10.2016 @ 3:11pm
Whys dogtap missing out on this again? Pretty frustrating to not get access to this as a local Ellon drinker. Missing a trick considering it's the home of BrewDog.
BrewDog Rich 19.10.2016 @ 1:35pm
Elvis - Very true, we tried to pair up local bars and breweries but with 27 there were a small number who had to hop on a train!

Martin - As Brettfan says we have prepared a #CollabFest booklet with all the detail on them and space for you to add your own tasting notes - but bring your phone to check-in on Untappd if you're a beer logger :)
Allan H 19.10.2016 @ 1:34pm
They all sound amazing!! Roll on the weekend!
Elvis 19.10.2016 @ 1:24pm
How is Castlegate and Stewart brewing partners? Other sides of the country
Brettfan 19.10.2016 @ 1:14pm
@MARTIN - The bars have printed sheets with all the beers and breweries on them iirc
Jonathan 19.10.2016 @ 1:03pm
Look forward to what will be on, on each day. Hope the bars will let us know soon!
Martin 19.10.2016 @ 12:53pm
I used to print stuff this this out, but I guess I can now just bring my phone with me :)
Nathan 19.10.2016 @ 12:26pm
Brimful of Masha? Amazing