34 Bars. 34 Breweries. 1 epic weekend.


As we revealed last month we are getting ever closer to the ultimate beer festival - #Collabfest. Our annual celebration of people coming together for beer is set to take place Friday 20th to Sunday 22nd of October, across our network of UK Bars. To celebrate the fact that #Collabfest turns five this year we have made it bigger and better than ever by also rocking five collabs from our European bars!

So without further ado, it’s time to reveal everybody taking part.

For those not 100% on-board with #Collabfest, in late summer each of our UK bar crews pair up with an amazing local brewery they love and work together to design and brew a small-batch beer. Style, ingredients, inspiration – it’s all up to them. The breweries produce enough kegs of their beer to send to all of our UK bars and then in October we have a kick-ass festival that lasts an entire weekend! Here are the pairings you’ll be enjoying in a couple of weeks:-

Aberdeen & Fierce Beer

Birmingham & Burning Soul

Brighton & Brighton Bier

Bristol & Lost and Grounded

Camden & Brewheadz

Cardiff & Crafty Devil

Castlegate & Speyside Craft Brewery

Clapham & Gipsy Hill

Clerkenwell & Siren Craft Brew

DogHouse Merchant City & Up Front

Dundee & 71 Brewing

Edinburgh & Stewart Brewing

Glasgow & Fyne AlesOut of Town

Leeds & Ridgeside

Leicester & Framework

Liverpool & Black Lodge

Manchester & Track Brewing

Newcastle & Almasty

Norwich & DEYA Brewing

North Street Leeds & Northern Monk

Nottingham & Black Iris

Oxford & Lovibonds

Sheffield & Abbeydale

Shepherd’s Bush & Weird Beard

Shoreditch & Affinity Brew Co

Soho & Redchurch

Southampton & Unity

Stirling & Fallen

York & Brew York

Berlin Mitte & BRLO

Gothenburg & Mikrofonbryggeriet

Kungsholmen & Hyllie Bryggeri

Malmö & Benchwarmers

Södermalm & Örebro Brygghus

We lay on #Collabfest every year to give you dozens of brand new, one-off beers to sample in your local BrewDog bar. But also we love the fact that the dedicated men and women who crew those bars spend a day working with other incredible breweries, learning even more about the processes of brewing than they knew already. We know it will give them a greater angle on craft beer to offer advice when people head into our bars and ask for it!

Speaking of which, with a record-breaking 34 different partnerships set to pour as part of #Collabfest2017 there are plenty of options for them to pass on advice about. We can’t wait to reveal the individual beers and styles that our crews put their hands to – stand by for a post on exactly that the week before the festival takes place on Friday 20th to Sunday 22nd October. So, which pairing are you looking forward to the most? Let us know in the comments below!

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Comments (10)

BrewDog Rich 16.10.2017 @ 2:43pm
Tam - Sure does. Enjoy!

Chris - Have a great birthday :)
Tam 15.10.2017 @ 12:44am
Does the Equity Punk discount at bars apply to Collabfest?
anonymous 07.10.2017 @ 1:27am
What, no Wild Beer Company?
Chris beery 06.10.2017 @ 9:54pm
Live in Ellon and very near brewery
The 21st is my 50th birthday so u know where I will be in the afternoon and evening
Celebrating my birthday in my second home with wife and daughter
Perfect day!!
Cannot wait
Rich 06.10.2017 @ 7:20pm
Anything that Siren are involved with excites me! Fierce, Weird Beard and Gypsy Hill too.
Damian 06.10.2017 @ 6:14pm
Brlo and Brew York. 2 cracking breweries who aren't quite as well known as they should be (yet).
Pete H 06.10.2017 @ 12:13pm
Once again some TOP names involved.
Looking forward to seeing the results from Siren, Northern Monk, Fallen, Fierce, Almasty, Lost And Grounded and Nottingham's very own Black Iris.
In fact, forget the list, I'm looking forward to all of them !!
Rebecca 06.10.2017 @ 11:16am
Can't wait!!!!
Chris 06.10.2017 @ 11:15am
What styles have they all brewed?
Luke 06.10.2017 @ 11:08am
Super excited for the collab with Fierce!