Comets & Cartwheels

our exciting partnership with independent DIY record label, Comets & Cartwheels

Comets & Cartwheels

We are delighted to announce our exciting partnership with independent DIY record label, Comets & Cartwheels. As well as being an up and coming epicentre for craft beers, Scotland has one of the most diverse and exciting music scenes anywhere in the world.


Comets & Cartwheels was founded by Paul Downie and Vicki Cole the label was set up with the goal of making people as passionate and excited about great new music as they are. Given they have the same distain for X-Factor charlatans as we have for insipid industrial beers we’ve decided to join forces with the goal of championing up and coming music and pairing it with great craft beers.

We’ve always been keen to support new music at our bars and events, and look forward to working with the guys from Comets & Cartwheels to further champion the awesome emerging music scene in Scotland.


You can check out the Comets and Cartwheels label roster that includes, Fake Major, Kitty the Lion and Quickbeam here:

Don’t forget tickets are now on sale for Brew at the Bog , Scotland’s most exciting up and coming and unsigned festival.

Brew at the Bog 2013

Comets and Cartwheels celebrated their new partnership with BrewDog on

Thursday 31st January with an acoustic showcase at Brewdog Bar in Glasgow, with live performances from Kitty the Lion and Fake Major.


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