Cool Glassware and new Paradox editions

Springbank and Longrow - ace!

Cool Glassware and new Paradox editions

We bottled 2 brand new editions of Paradox today. Exclusively for the Japanese market and our website both the Springbank and Longorow editions were matured in casks from the Springbank Distillery in Cambletown. The only place to buy these in the UK is on the website - they even come with the Japanese labels on them!

This week we also took delivery of our new glassware, a 380ml stemmed bowl and a sleek 500ml glass - both branded with our logo and text. They are ideal for enjoying your favourite BrewDog beer from.

Since it is Christmas and everything we have put a special Paradox and Glassware mixed case together. You can buy 3 bottles of Springbank, 3 bottles of Longrow and get one of each of the new glasses for only £25 here:

Hint - the discount code BLOG is still valid for readers!

We will also put this box set out on a next day service for no extra charge to ensure you get it in time for Christmas!

It is the perfect Christmas gift for any BrewDog fan or even better for yourself!

Springbank Tasting Notes:

Initial impressions of chocolate, coconut fudge and a creamy fruitiness on the nose.

In the mouth sweet creamy coconut and chocolate and hints of fruit laced coffee and then more chocolate.

The beer finishes with citrus hints, lemon grass and spices in the long creamy finish.

 Longrow Tasting Notes:

On the nose there are abundant amounts of coconut, pine, peat and a slight smokiness.

The initial taste of the beer reveals Cherries, sweet fudge, a faint hint of smoke and bitter chocolate.

There is a lingering finish to this beer with sea salt, wine hints and chocolate all present.

They both completely rock and in my opinion the Springbank edition is the best Paradox yet! Discuss.


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Comments (5)

Gareth Young 18th February, 2009 2:12pm
I think you should brew an 18% version of paradox and call it Antinomy.
G Dunbar 27th December, 2008 11:16pm
Just ordered mine. Probably too late for New Year but never about a BrewDog Christmas Ale Next Year?
Darren T 18th December, 2008 1:53pm
Order placed this morning. Looks like I could be on for a monster tasting session this weekend... three Paradox variants plus a Rip Tide? Looking forward to it!
G Dunbar 18th December, 2008 9:43am
Even in the face of a wee hangover following my birthday these both look immense...BrewDog glasses too! Off to Paris so I’ll be checking out the BrewDog situation there...
andy mogg 18th December, 2008 9:15am
arghhh you tempt me too much!