Easy Riders

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Easy Riders

Richard Again! I wanted to make sure and get one more blog in before heading out to meet James in the US on Thursday. Our week long road trip starts in the West Coast in San Diego, arriving eventually in Chicago before returning home to commence the pull through activity for all our new UK wholesale partners that will have stock available from April.

The reasoning behind the trip is twofold - a) you've got to have board meetings somewhere and b) That not since the birth of Rock n Roll has there been a movement in America more worthy of appropriating as our own; than the rise of the Renegade Microbrewery and in particular it's continued influence on the ON Trade.

It is with this last point at the fore front of our minds that James and myself (the Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda characters if you will), will set out from the Stone Brewery with Michael Cameron our importer (Jack Nicholson) to explore the American dream...

...Or rather our dream of bringing quality Artisan beers to a wider audience and changing the way we mindlessly fill our back bar fridges with 6 different beers that all taste largely the same.

The real trick that they have achieved at the Stone Brewing Company and others like it in the US is preaching beyond the choir. I am really interested in how we let everyone become part of the journey and discover that there is more out there than the monotony of taste and experience that they have come to accept.  

For those already on board - don't worry it will still be a measure of your inimitable taste and discretion that you were among the first to join the revolution and the beer won't suddenly start to taste bad just because we bring a few more people to the party .  Easy Rider has not become any less beautifully conceived or enigmatically shot, or for that matter lost any of its quintessential cool just because we have all now had the pleasure of watching it time and again.

"I mean, it's real hard to be free when you are bought and sold in the marketplace." - George Hanson (Jack Nicholson: Easy Rider)

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craig garvie 26th March, 2009 6:51pm
Just dont bring alll the Zephyr to the US, Were real keen to try it up here in Scotland, Its bad enough hearing about all the English getting to try it at the Rake without having to hear about all the Yanks drink it. :-)