Four Paws are better than one!

new dogs in packs of 4...

Four Paws are better than one!

Trashy Blonde, 77 Lager, 5am Saint and Hardcore IPA are now all available in our 4 packs.




For more information on stocking BrewDog's 4 packs in the UK please email If you are overseas and want some 4 packs will help you get your paws on some!

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Comments (18)

WilliamCQ 13th May, 2010 5:07am
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sam floyd 2nd May, 2010 8:17am
Great I was in the supermarket a couple of days ago and thought, they really need to do these in 4 packs. Top work again.
tony killeen 25th April, 2010 5:39pm
stop messing about with poxy 330ml bottles and retail yor beer in proper 500ml bottles !! helps on packaging and recycling to!!
Tim 21st April, 2010 5:18pm
what about punk monk? I'd love to see that on general release...
James, BrewDog 20th April, 2010 9:59pm
Ah Chaos Theory. Yes. Hmm. Watch this space. It will be Chaos Theory but not as we know it!
Robert Fairs 20th April, 2010 9:43pm
What? No penguin 4 pack?
Bring back Chaos Theory 20th April, 2010 9:30pm
I'll buy them all. But I'd buy even more if you bought back Chaos Theory.
Fairzo 20th April, 2010 5:24pm
Storm.....insert Homer Simpson drooling noise here.
Chris 20th April, 2010 4:11pm
Gah, although I'd love Hardcore at supermarket prices I like the idea that the little independents get the monopoly on the more out-there Brewdog beers. Its these little havens of joy that make a trip across town just incase something new has arrived worth it..... if the big boys get everything in what happens to the little guys.... My principles of course end there, and I'll still buy the four pack from tesco for £9 of whatever it goes out for
steven cordery 20th April, 2010 3:28pm
none of the local supermarkets stock BD products, The New City of Milton Keynes, Whats going on?So I have to buy direct.Small price to pay for good beer?!
PH 20th April, 2010 3:24pm
Ditto Dogma and Storm. But it would be good to see Hardcore 4 packs available in the supermarkets.
Unfriendlyghost 20th April, 2010 2:58pm
Those look great. I'm also loving the new branded cardboard box that my latest order from the website came in - very stylish.
alan robertson 20th April, 2010 2:45pm
I think that the 4-packs are a fantastic idea. But can we bring back Dogma and Storm please as they were the best.
MAD3 20th April, 2010 2:37pm
We want that in the supermarket in italy....... :-)
BeerBirraBier 20th April, 2010 1:05pm
Will the hardcore 4 packs be availble in supermarkets at any point?
Adrian 20th April, 2010 1:04pm
How can we get Tesco to get the Hardcore IPA in 4-packs in? They look awesome and 4 bottles of the hop monster would blow people away! Love it.
anarchy999 20th April, 2010 1:03pm
looking good guys, on a different subject, my Abstract arrived this morning whoo hoooooooooo
martin 20th April, 2010 12:53pm
aitkin's would be a great stockist for you in dundee. keep saying they should get your beers in no joy yet. if i could get hardcore and 5am 4's in there i would be a happy man!