Get lot more Beer for just a little bit more money!

try some craft beer

Get lot more Beer for just a little bit more money!

It is a commonly accepted proposition that an awesome bottle of Sauvingon Blanc can justifiably cost four or five times as much as a mediocre bottle of the same type of wine. However due to the fact that the craft beer revolution is still in its infancy in Europe, many people struggle to understand why a great bottle of craft brewed IPA can cost merely double what a bottle of industrially brewed, generic lager costs. However, the world’s best craft beers are a bargain compared to the world’s finest wines or compared to almost any luxury artisan produce!

At BrewDog we take an egalitarian approach to our pricing.  If one of our beers cost us a little bit more to make than others (whether it is more ingredients, more fermentation time, dry hopping or wood ageing) we increase the price only by the additional costs associated with production. We are a tiny brewery up in the North of Scotland run by a couple of young guys with a great passion for craft beer. Because we make progressive, high strength ales with loads more body, flavour, bite and with buckets of very expensive hops, our beers tend to cost a little bit more than those of other brewers. However they are still among the best valued high end gourmet products in the world.

Big brewers compete on price. We do not make lowest common denominator commodity products and we cannot, nor do we want to, compete on price with generic beers. We believe that edgy, bold, progressive and irreverent craft brewed beers are the future of the UK beer industry. As every other sector of beer sales are falling, craft beer is gathering more and more momentum. That being said there is still a long way for craft beer to go in the UK, still a lot of closed doors and closed minds, still a lot of hard work to do before the thing inevitably starts snowballing.

Selling craft beer should be all about the product and not about the price. More UK craft brewers should use the price point to our advantage and as our starting point to illuminate the quality and character of our beers and not sell their beers for less than the reassuringly expensive Stella!  By educating customers as to why the beer costs what it does their awareness and understanding of craft beer will increase.

It is our mission to bring great craft beer to the people; to get our hardcore ales into as many people’s paws as possible. We do not want to be inaccessible or price prohibitive and we price our beers as fairly as we can, especially considering their quality and how we make them. All our beers are hand crafted in small batches with intensely liberal use of the finest all natural ingredients from all over the world. We are passionate about sharing great beers with as many people as possible, industrially brewers are passionate about turnover, profit and market share. We are fuelled by our love of craft beer and a bold, rebellious determination to change the face of the British alcohol industry. As long as we can remain a healthy business, we are happy just to be brewing our beers.

The average monolithic lager is brewed with roughly 12 kilos of malted barley per barrel, the average craft ale (like a 4.5% pale ale) is brewed with around 25 kilos per barrel. At BrewDog, our average beer is made with over 40 kilos of malted barley per barrel. On average we use 25 times more hops as an industrial brewer and over 8 times the hops of an average small UK brewer to make a barrel of BrewDog beer.  A lot more beer for a little bit more money.

Our recipes are not dictated to us by accountants, we do not try to continually reduce brewing to the detriment of the beer. We are selfish and we brew beers that we want to drink, regardless of the cost of the ingredient or how arduous the process is. Everything we do is to enhance the flavour of our beers and provide an encapsulating, awesome experience for the drinker. We pride ourselves in brewing progressive, full flavour and exciting ales. We fully believe that once people taste great craft beer they will not go back to paying a little bit less for a massively inferior industrially brewed beer. Want a lot more from your beer for only a little bit more money? Try some craft beer!  

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The King of Wrong 24th July, 2010 2:46pm
Keep up the good work, guys!I've enjoyed your beers whenever I've found them in supermarkets - I'm lucky to have ones with good selections of bottled ales - and I've just ordered four cases off the back of your latest brush with the headlines.Let the idiots, the haters and the (eminently trollable) animal rights people "boycott" whomever they choose - it's not like they were ever going to buy the beer anyway!
union against Brewdog 23rd July, 2010 5:14pm
Beer extreme bad taste, use of animals for self promotion is a great lack of imagination of their creators marketing, now a major campaign to boycott the beer Brewdog is running throughout Europe and other continents to see that your Brewdog ridiculous self-promotion will not give you the return desired by the creators of this incredible lack of sensitivity, the human race still seems not! have evolved in the 21st century, campaigns like this are a disgrace, something retarded!.
union against Brewdog 23rd July, 2010 5:07pm
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spazza 22nd July, 2010 12:38am
Sounds great, just wish I could find them in the supermarket.
Andy Watson 21st July, 2010 9:22pm
I think you are preaching to the converted here. That said I first tried Brewdog through buying Punk on special offer at tesco for 99p a bottle. It is definitely a case of once you've tried it you just can't go back to buy derivative cheap stuff.
yuki 21st July, 2010 6:43pm
Thanks to ur policy, even one Japanese, not rich at all, can sometimes enjoy ur great beer:) Brewdog enlarges my concept of what beer is/can be... thx a lot!!!
Kieran 21st July, 2010 6:05pm
A few more pence makes a lot more sense.
Adam 21st July, 2010 3:30pm
The words "Yes we can" springs to mind, atleast to my mind.