Glasgow and Aberdeen events this week

free beer and cool people

Glasgow and Aberdeen events this week

Glasgow BrewDog Event

Tuesday 27th October 18.00 - 21.00

108 Argyle Street
62 Argyle Arcade
Glasgow, G2 8BG

Aberdeen BrewDog and Stone Brewing Event

Wednesday 28th October 19.20-21.30

The Illicit Still (upstairs room)
Guest Row
Broad Street
AB10 1AU

Just rock up, chat about BrewDog, www.equityforpunks, whatever and drink some hardcore beer.

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Comments (8)

Dale 1st November, 2009 2:01pm
Just never made it home in time for this. Gutted! Work always gets in the way!

Hopefully be about for the next one...
Chris 29th October, 2009 9:53am
When, if at all, would you guys be thinking of arranging an event in Dundee?
PCR 26th October, 2009 4:33pm
Damn it! I was north of the border last week, looks like I will have to host my own.....
magicdave6 26th October, 2009 3:55pm
PCR, london was last week. You missed out on an epic event!
PCR 26th October, 2009 2:14pm
Any upcoming London events planned??
James, BrewDog 26th October, 2009 10:10am
Pixie - yes.
Pixie 26th October, 2009 10:04am
Is the beer free? :p
Gareth Young 26th October, 2009 10:01am
Seems strong.