Going wild in the aisles - Volume 2

Just when you thought there wasn't enough content to make the first one

Going wild in the aisles - Volume 2

This weekend saw us embark on a second gruelling round of instore tastings in another of the UK's supermarket monoliths.

In between cracking open bottles of Paradox Isles of Arran, Trashy Blonde and Rip Tide, we were treated to a dose of what can only be decribed as 'the genius of the general public at large'.


Sit back, relax and adopt the necessary position when you hear 'brace, brace' as we unleash another of our top five quotes from the realm of the instore tasting.

5. *A pleasent American chap on the forgotten joys of home brewing* "I love craft beer, so much so I used to be really into home brewing. Then there was this one time I made a batch and everyone got sick. I decided never to home brew again. I'm also not allowed to live in that particular state anymore."

4. "If your beers were cheaper I'd buy half a dozen." "Why don't you just treat yourself to three then?" "Eh, goodbye."

3. "I saw a photo from your equity thing in the paper. Do I get to keep one of those punk models when I buy a share?" "I'm afraid not." "Do I get to keep you when I buy a share?" "No." "Am I scaring you?" "A little."

2. *Two men pushing a trolley loaded with cheap looking, brightly coloured alcopops take a swipe at Trashy Blonde* "Look at the label on this beer bottle - must be women's beer. No man who's a man drinks from a bottle with a purple label like that."

1. "I only drink beer from a can."

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Comments (8)

Mark Ackers 14th November, 2009 9:43pm
What a beer what a night what a show! we need more. This is gonna take off. well done every 1 at the brewery. (canines included)

Dale 1st November, 2009 2:09pm
Ha! 1. I Only drink beer from a can.

Might as well just tell you that the Chemicals in your beer are weak, if my lager does not burn on the way down its just not got it...

Arent people awesome! No? Yeah, your right...
Laura Docherty 28th October, 2009 7:49pm
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Mhairi BrewDog 27th October, 2009 9:24am
You can catch us next this coming Friday at Dundees Sainsburys for more fun in the aisles!
Matt 26th October, 2009 10:27am
I only drink beer from a can - genuis! :)
Per-Ola Eriksson 26th October, 2009 7:51am
I love all your beers.
I am glad more and more of them are available in Sweden now.
alan robertson 25th October, 2009 9:14pm
what shop or supermarket is this then as I have yet to taste Cult Lager and would like to try and buy some.
Fiona 25th October, 2009 12:13pm
Ha! I love these blogs. Where can we next experience a tasting Mhairi?