Have A Nice Flight!

Craft beer for the intrepid explorer

Have A Nice Flight!

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BrewDog bars are hot beds for intrepid craft beer exploration! Anyone who's visited one recently will know we have a smorgasbord of BrewDog beers as well as guest beers from around the world to sample and sup to learn more about what excellent beery delights planet Earth has to offer. One awesome way to trying a few at a time, for when you just can't make your mind up, is our beer flights.

Beer flights are served as four 1/3 pints of beer, which you can mix and match from the taps yourself, or you can pick a pre-selected flight hand-chosen by our resident beer geeks. We asked our bar staff to tell us which beer flight is their favourite.
Beer geek: Ned
Bar: BrewDog Bristol
Flight: I can see the light....
What's on it?: Dead Pony Club, Vice Bier, Hardcore IPA and Punk IPA
Best matched with: BrewDog Bristol's cheese and meat platter

"We encourage adventurous craft beer Indiana Jones' to mix and match from our taps to really get involved with what they're getting to taste, but we have a couple of ready-made suggestions for those who need an extra guiding hand. People freak out for pales and blondes during the spicy summer season and It's a mad frenetic rush to the taps come 5pm each day! This flight is for those folk. It's popular with post-apocalyptic penguins, gentlemen of the cloth, hippies and hot, grumpy badgers"
Beer geek: Dean
Bar: BrewDog Manchester
Flight: Guest Flight
What's on it?: Rogue Dead Guy Ale, Rogue Chocolate Stout, Cromarty Red Rocker, Left Hand Wake Up Dead
Best matched with: Our Pork Ribs and Mac & Cheese

"Our straight up pure and simple guest flight is popular with our regular customers as it gives them a chance to try some of the amazing new guest beers we have. It's awesome for when they're passing through and don't have time to chill out and try them all, so they just get a little taster of each and can have more of whatever they liked best next time they're in. I love it because I’m a ticker at heart and it’s a great way to compare some of the more unusual beers we don’t see too often."

Beer geek: Dan
Bar: BrewDog Nottingham
Flight: The Summer Flight
What's on it?: Dead Pony Club, Punk IPA, Libertine Black Ale & Hardcore IPA
Best matched with: A serving of olives and bread so you can pretend you are on holiday on a scenic Mediterranean island...

"This flight is a great one for wistfully passing away the hours on a lovely summer’s day. Loads of big citrusy, summery hops to begin with, then a bit of dark toasty malty goodness to see in the evening, then a massive hoppy slap in the chops to finish off (just because we can). Everyone here loves it. It’s full of sunshine and smiles. We all like sunshine and smiles (except for Dan, he likes clouds and frowns)."
Beer geek: Jen
Bar: BrewDog Camden (London)
Flight: The IPA Hopslam!
What's on it?: Punk IPA, Jackhammer, 8 Wired Brewing's Hop Wired, Mikkeller Single Hop: Mt Hood
Best matched with: Our El Bandito Burger, because hopped-to-hell beer and spicy chilli is a match made in hop-heaven

"Whether it’s a refreshing hop-punch after a day in the temperamental British summer or getting your gig face on to go and leap about at a sticky Camden venue, there is never a point in time when 4 thirds of awesome IPA isn’t the right choice! Nick, our curly haired hop-head has been geeking out on IPA at the moment, and is all over this refreshing line up"

Beer geek: Pickle
Bar: BrewDog Newcastle
Flight: The Italian Job
What's on it?: Birra Del Borgo's Duchessa, Maldetta, Re:ale and Ke.To Reporter
Best matched with: Our cheese and meat boards. Pair the delicate saison with salty cured meats, and the hops of the pale ale with the bite of chilli cheddar. For pure joy, try Ke.to Reporter with our Riptide brownie as well!

"This flight's class because these beers are from our friends at Birra del Borgo in Italy. All of them has a really cool twist. Ke.to Reporter is flavoured with tobacco, Reale is an American/Italian pale ale, Maldetta is a Belgian ale dedicated to a cigar club and the Duchessa is a saison brewed with spelt instead of the usual barley. It's awesome if you want to sample a variety of beer styles all at once."

Fancy a flight? Ask for one in any BrewDog bar and get creative with your beers! Use the comments box below to tell us the beers that would be on your ultimate flight!

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Comments (5)

Pete H., Nottm 24.07.2013 @ 1:09pm
Yeah ! Go Beergeek Dan from BrewDog Nottingham. Four epic Brewdog beers with olives and bread. Yum yum !
Bristol Beer Girl 23.07.2013 @ 9:36am
I had a great flight in BrewDog Bristol a few weeks ago. The staff were really enthusiastic and took their time to find me and my partner the ideal flight for our visit. Will have to venture further afield to try some of these other combos!
Karen 23.07.2013 @ 8:52am
I've always been a little daunted by the flight boards it's pretty hard to decide what to get, even though I do know my beers pretty well! Glad to see that you can always ask the bar staff for a recommendation, I'll definitely do that next time
Teaser taster 23.07.2013 @ 8:51am
Loving the sound of the Manchester flight board, you guys should bring more Rogue in!
Grahamf4 22.07.2013 @ 5:26pm
Whoa, these are awesome. What a killer original idea. I have never seen anything like it and I have been drinking beer for five minutes.Way to go dudes and dudesses. AWESOME!!!!