Help decide BrewDog's Beer Range PART II

thursday morning focus group (kinda)

Help decide BrewDog

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A couple of weeks ago we asked you, what should be in our range for 2011 in this blog article


We love you guys (individually and collectively) and we want to involve you as much as we can in all aspects of our business. Since you are going to help us drink it, it is only fair that you help us decide what we brew.

We asked you which 5 beers should be in our core range in 2011. 295 people left comments are here is the 20 most popular choices, in order.

   1. Punk IPA

   2. 5AM Saint

   3. Hardcore IPA

   4. Hello, My Name Is Ingrid

   5. Alice Porter

   6. Trashy Blonde

   7. 77 Lager

   8. Riptide

   9. Paradox

  10. Chaos Theory

  11. Dogma

  12. Zeitgeist

  13. Citra

  14. Hops Kill Nazis

  15. Tokyo*

  16. I Hardcore You

  17. Bashah

  18. AB:04

  19. Nanny State

  20. Prototype 17


Now before we decide on the range for 2012, we are going to make the whole thin even more interactive. Next week we will be launching our 2011 Prototype Challenge. We will be selling 4 new prototype beers (as a special price) on the website. You guys get to sample the prototypes and vote for which one of the 4 makes it into the 2012 core range. For those of you lucky enough to be within striking distance of a BrewDog bar, we will also have the 4 prototype beers on draft.


The 4 prototypes are:

Blitz! A 2.8% caramalt only west coast hop bomb.

Scotch Ale - a 7.5% indulgant malty treat combining honey and 8 different malts.

Prototype 17 - a 4.2% pale ale with american hops, belgian yeast strain aged with raspberries.

Hops Kill Nazis - a 7.6% red ale loaded with chinook hops.

These will be available online within the next 10 days.

The popularity of Hello, my name is Ingrid, our cloudberry IIPA brewed for our freinds in Sweden was also a surprise. Because you like it so much, we will definately be making some more of it. Although with a bit of a twist. Look out for Hello, my name is (insert Norwegian name) an IIPA brewed with Norwegian Lingonberries and Hello, my name is (insert Scottish name) an IIPA brewed with Scottish berries. Paradox will also be back in early January 2013 - look out for a 13% ABV Paradox aged in Jura casks.

Post 2011 Prototype challenge, based on your voting, we will look to announce our full 2012 beery line up.

In December 2011 you can look forward to AB:08 - a decontrcuted blonde imperial stout. It should just about be ready for the official opening of BrewDog Camden.

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Comments (35)

Ritchi Strachan 28th November, 2011 9:46pm
Try'd the prototype Scotch-Ale 7.5 % ABV tonight [Thanks again for that James] was looking foreword to trying it since i heard about it, Malty right enough,was absolute Quality something to look forward for everyone get in line quickly for this one.
Jonas_ 28th November, 2011 12:32pm
BenH: Best comment ever!Really looking forward to trying out the Blitz!
BenH 28th November, 2011 8:16am
'Hello my name is Tony at Reputation Thrusters'- Don't know if that would fit on a bottle
cbuchan 27th November, 2011 7:03pm
Zeitgeist (beer of the year in my book!)5am saintPunk IPAAlice PorterTrashy Blonde
stf 27th November, 2011 2:00pm
"Hello, my name is Mette Marit" could stir up a few newspaper articles...
Reputation Thrusters 26th November, 2011 6:46pm
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T J Sanwick 25th November, 2011 5:29pm
1. Riptide - has to be a stout in the line up2. Punk IPA3. Citra (i'd prefer Sorachi ace)4. Hops KIll Nazis5. Avery Brown Dredge (I know its not on the list but its better than 77!)
Fairzo 25th November, 2011 11:12am
What, no Storm? Recount!Insert Swedish name - Hello My Name Is Fanny.
Jukes McKukes 25th November, 2011 12:29am
2.8% hop bomb - well excited! really want to try hops kill too
obo 24th November, 2011 7:46pm
nanny state!!!sorachi ace and nelson sauvin are my best choice!!!!
Chandalf 24th November, 2011 7:36pm
I thought the Proto 17 was ace! I generally don't like lagers but that's one I'd make an exception for. And to keep the masses interested, there has to be a lager [type] in the core range.
Kenneth E 24th November, 2011 6:54pm
over 90% of all beer in the World is Lager. så if you/we want to make money, there has to be a lager in there.if you/we make money there is time to have fun and make a lot of funny beer the rest of the about blackberries in a beer and the name "who the fuck are you?"just go in to a bar and say my name is Ingrid and who the fuck are you haha
Cinulph 24th November, 2011 6:37pm
I'm not sure if I was unlucky but of the 3 bottles of Ingrid I had - 2 were what could only be described as NASTY! A bit like a beer mishandled by the Euston Tap.
Don 24th November, 2011 6:25pm
Unless the Scotch ale is particularly good, it's got to be HKN.
James O 24th November, 2011 6:03pm
Any news on the opening date of the Camden bar?
stravale 24th November, 2011 4:28pm
Can't wait for the Paradox. Was AB:08 supposed to be that Cranachan Imperial Stout?
BenH 24th November, 2011 3:52pm
i don't think prototype 17 or hops kill Nazis are good enough to go regular, both decent but that's about it. Let's hope the scotch ale is good. I'm a big fan of scotch ales anyway so I think I already know where my votes going, unless you made a pure shiter. Would it not make more sense for the scotch ale to be 7.4? I thought 7.5 was the cut off for extra duty??? Keen to see what blitz tastes like too, but how good can a low abv beer really be? (cue torrent of people banging on about low abv beers they like)
arobertson 24th November, 2011 3:04pm
interesting to see that prototype 17 will now be a pale ale instead of the original 77 lager version, which just did not work at all (bloody awful drink!). And am I correct in stating that Paradox will be back in January 2012 and not 2013 as printed?
patbrewdog 24th November, 2011 3:01pm
How about 'Wet quid bogey' - Anagram of BREWDOG EQUITYor"Squirt weedy bog" Anagram of BREWDOGS EQUITY.
patbrewdog 24th November, 2011 3:00pm
How about 'Wet quid bogey' - Anagram of BREWDOG EQUITYor&quotSquirt weedy bog" Anagram of BREWDOGS EQUITY.
SvedeM 24th November, 2011 1:37pm
1. Punk IPA 2. 5AM Saint 3. Hardcore IPA 4. Hello, My Name Is Ingrid 5. Alice PorterPerfection, keep 'em comin to Sweden! :D
Pete Gerrard 24th November, 2011 1:34pm
Hops Kill Nazis is following in the proud tradition of Woody Guthrie, who had the slogan "This Machine Kills Fascists" on his guitar. Still, I have to agree that 5pm Sinner is a better name!
Steven S 24th November, 2011 1:05pm
If Hops Kill Nazis becomes one of the core range, any chance of a name change to 5pm Sinner? Much better name IMHO!
Doug 24th November, 2011 12:41pm
Really dissapointed to see no Avery, Dredge, Brown! I love a great Pilsner and it was one of the best I have tried in a while, even better now my bottles have aged a little which has mellowed them out slightly. 77 Lager seems really popular but would have thought ADB would be much more in line with the Brewdog range and image than the less challenging (though still lovely) 77.
james bond 24th November, 2011 12:33pm
how cool is 77 lager at number 7.......why not have one called 'triple 7 ' the number of the beerst haha
Stephanos 24th November, 2011 12:26pm
I'd agree with that top 5, I'd like to try some of the earlier beers I didn't get a chance to.
Senga macdooogaaal 24th November, 2011 12:22pm
phanson 24th November, 2011 12:08pm
Please let us know when the prototypes will be in the bars - we're in Edinburgh on 1st Dec and hopefully will see some.
Ian Prise 24th November, 2011 12:05pm
You Have your answer for 2013 when the new brewery is up and running and you have the capacity. Top 20 beers as the core range, and at least 12 of the 20 on tap in the bars at any one time. See I'm easily pleased.
mackieohmy 24th November, 2011 12:02pm
Hello My Name is Agnes
Fuzzz 24th November, 2011 11:51am
Got Excited at the Paradox Jura mention until I saw its over a year away!Trip to the bar will be in order for the 2 of the prototypes that are new as I don't fancy another mail order shipping cost...
BrewDog James 24th November, 2011 11:43am
Email for an update Jonny. We had more than 300 orders on Monday, so the guys got a bit swamped. They are working on it through!
Jock 24th November, 2011 11:43am
Good to see Hops Kill back. I would love to see that in the core range.
Johnny 24th November, 2011 11:38am
Wouldn't mind receiving the beers I ordered at the start of the week before even more are released....
perspcorruption 24th November, 2011 11:31am
Sorachi ace would be my top choice