Hey Jerk!

BrewDog jerky inspirations

Hey Jerk!

Welcome to the world of the accidental butcher… 

Few things go so well in life as beef jerky and craft beer; or beef jerky and BrewDog to be exact.

We’ve been stocking jerky in our bars for a little over six months now but not just any jerky, only jerky crafted by the clever of Joe Walters the ‘accidental butcher’ AKA Original Jerky Co.


What started as a hobby now sees Joe spending all of his time making beef jerky – the kind of stuff you’d find at a gas station on an oddball-inspired American road trip.

Bold flavours and bizarre collaborations are what set Joe apart from the competition:

“We’ve begun collaborating with BrewDog on three of our flavours. The alcohol and the insane levels of flavour in the beer work really well during the marinating process. 

“77 Lager is used with the very hot beef jerky we do. It’s known as ‘The Ghost’ as it uses extracts of the hottest pepper in the world; 400 times hotter than tabasco sauce.


“Dragon’s Blood is a special collaboration between us and the godfather of the UK chilli scene, Chilli Pepper Pete. This jerky uses Pete’s ultra-hot sauce ‘Dragon’s Blood’ as well as Punk IPA…it blows minds and does especially well in the bars, it’s a bit of a macho thing!


“Finally, we’ve recently brought out our first true BrewDog jerky. 100% British, hand cut beef marinated in a bath of Hardcore IPA for 72 hours. It’s all about the beer and to say you can taste it is an understatement. We also add a little bit of honey and grape juice for sweetness as well as chipotle pepper for a bit of a kick but really it’s all about the Hardcore.”

Want to get your mitts on some of this incredible jerky, the perfect companion to any beer? Just ask our bar staff to point you in the direction of the jerky or keep your peepers out for our custom built, tooled leather crates, packed full of jerky delights.

Now get chewin’.

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Comments (6)

NikLP 22nd November, 2012 12:50pm
The Ghost Jerky is the cats flaps. It's not that hot tho really, unless you eat about half a bag on the run. Needs more chilli! :)
FrenchBrewer 19th November, 2012 10:42pm
that is findable on the Internet ?
OriginalJerky 19th November, 2012 11:02am
Thanks for the write up.. @Adrian m I wear a cowboy hat because I'm a Texan! If you'd like to check out more or order online you can at OriginalJerky.com
Beck 19th November, 2012 7:23am
Adrian M 19th November, 2012 7:22am
This stuff is great.Does it taste even better if you wear a cowboy hat?
Mr T 19th November, 2012 7:22am
I had some in BrewDog Camden.Man, it is off the hook.