The ultimate homebrew competition…


The joys of brewing your own beer have created a generation of people for whom the process is every bit as exciting as the end result. Many a BrewDog crew member began their interest in beer by starting off brewing their own at home – not least James and Martin themselves. Back in 2008 they entered beers created in Martin’s garage into a Tesco competition, and ended up taking the first, second, third and fourth prizes.

So today we are paying this forward, as we are partnering with Tesco and launching #HomeBrewDog – the ultimate competition for homebrewers.

For the next ten weeks, we are accepting entries from anyone who would like to create a beer at home they believe is worthy of BrewDog, and would like to follow in the footsteps of James and Martin. We have assembled a world-leading panel of industry experts to judge the beers, chaired by our co-founders alongside the legendary beer writer Pete Brown. To reflect this, our quest to find the next level of homebrewing talent has some truly life-changing prizes:-

- The winner will receive an all-expenses paid trip to our Ellon HQ to re-brew their beer.
- It will be launched into our online shop and as an exclusive listing in Tesco.
- Also the beer will be launched on draft across our network of UK bars.
- Our champion can host a launch event at any UK BrewDog bar (and pick the beer list).
- We will also send the victorious homebrewer a few bottles of their creation too!

But there is one other aspect of the prize, as well.

- We will offer the homebrewer who impresses our judging panel the most a job at BrewDog.

If you’ve ever wanted to use your homebrew hobby to kick-start a career within the craft brewing industry – this is very much your chance. To recognise the skill and ability it will take to win #HomeBrewDog, we will offer the victor an opportunity to join our Ellon brewing crew. If you’ve got the talent, then we have the career waiting for you here at BrewDog. That trip to re-brew your beer could well become the first of many!

Check this link for all the #HomeBrewDog details. There you’ll find the online form to print off and complete with the all-important brewsheet info for your entry and a brief overview of why your beer rocks. This is a once in a lifetime chance to show what you can do – and the job offer is entirely optional of course! If you do come out on top and would like to be a part of the BrewDog crew though, we will very much make it happen.

We’re accepting homebrewed entries from today until Friday 16th September 2016, with three bottles of a single beer, secured and packed safely, dropped off per person at any of our UK BrewDog bars or posted to our brewery at:

Balmacassie Industrial Estate
AB41 8BX

Please note it is one entry per person, and we will only accept the same beer, not three different bottles! Please check out the full terms and conditions here!

We love homebrewing, here at BrewDog. It’s the reason we released the recipes to all of our beers (and those we are going to brew in 2016) as DIY Dog, to encourage others to have a go at stamping their individuality on our creations. There are few other industries where those who wish to earn a livelihoods can hone their skills in advance, using equipment of different scale but entirely the same principle.

And so we are psyched to offer the chance for someone to do just that, and if they wish join our amazing brewteam by displaying the talent they have worked hard to develop. Homebrewing is deservedly the creative cornerstone of our entire industry. We can’t wait to see what beers you guys come up with for #HomeBrewDog!

You have until 16th September to let those imaginations run riot

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Comments (34)

Dougie Orr 28.07.2016 @ 12:44pm
#HomeBrewDog - scoring criteria

I don't fine beers which will all be bottled because the yeast needs to pack down firmly on the bottom of the bottle.
I find that fined bottled beers can have loose/fluffy bottoms which makes the beer difficult to pour without disturbing the yeast, thus having the reverse effect from that intended - cloudy beer.

I also think fining can remove some of the hop aroma from my dry hopped beers.
I don't use any finings (whether I am bottling &/or kegging) when I dry hop & think haze is acceptable in dry hopped beers.

Is clarity one of the criteria to be used when judging #HomeBrewDog bottled beers ?

BrewDog Rich 19.07.2016 @ 5:07pm
Matt - The competition is open to three bottles of a single beer per person - so pick the best one from your arsenal!

Boize - Sorry, we are only accepting 330ml bottles

Rcow - Of course they can! Get your funk on ;)

Redrage - As long as it's you that has brewed the beer then that's fine

KW - That's a fantastic idea, we will definitely try to do that for our American friends when we open up in Ohio!
KW 19.07.2016 @ 3:01pm
Any plans to hold a similar contest in the states or Columbus?
Redrage 19.07.2016 @ 7:46am
As Vincenzo asked, is brew in a bag, all grain brewing permitted, or for those who normally use malt extracts etc, can you enter brews that you make at a microbrewery hire (which is pushing the limit of the term homebrewed)?
RCow 18.07.2016 @ 5:58pm
Can beers fermented with brettanomyces be entered?
Boize 16.07.2016 @ 10:07pm
In addition to Wolfgang's question: I already have 2 beers ready and bottled, but in 500ml bottles. Would it be possible to place them in the competition or would that be right out?
As I do bottle conditioning it'd be quite risky to have them rebottled properly.
Matt 16.07.2016 @ 3:23pm
Can you enter more than 1 beer?
BrewDog Rich 15.07.2016 @ 3:45pm
Mali Bane/BrazilBrew - The competition is only open to all residents in the UK & Europe aged 18 years or over. Hope this helps!
Mali Bane 15.07.2016 @ 3:39pm
Is Europe limited to EU or whole of Europe? Is Serbia on the list of countries from which you accept beers?
Best regards.
BRAZILBREW 14.07.2016 @ 9:28pm
Can a brazilian citizen apply on contest?
BrewDog Rich 14.07.2016 @ 10:52am
Rob Ock - Yes, there'll be an initial series of panels who will narrow the field down until we have the best of the entrants for final judging. All beers will be considered equally though!

Wolfgang - 330ml are easier for us to keep track of, and what the winning beer will eventually be sold in (plus they will be cheaper for people posting them to us). Sorry if they are hard to find where you are!
rob ock 14.07.2016 @ 10:34am
I'm curious - how does a judging panel get through what will be potentially hundreds of samples?

I assume there will be quite an aggressive elimination round near the beginning, followed by a more considered approach as the beers go through the stages? Can't imagine a single panel would survive drinking that much in 3 days!

Wolfgang 13.07.2016 @ 9:46pm
Is it allowed to send the beer in 500ml bottles instead of 330ml bottles ?
They are much easier to get (at least in Germany).
BrewDog Rich 13.07.2016 @ 9:11am
David/Ptitpier - Great question(s)! Anybody submitting an entry to #HomeBrewDog should probably attach their entry number and name to the bottle label, just so as we know which beer belongs to who. The entry number will be allocated when you sign up and download the entry form from the #HomeBrewDog website. You can go ahead and design a label as well as this, if you like, but it won't have any influence on the judging process at all!
David 12.07.2016 @ 10:51pm
Can we submit bottles with logo name any kind of artwork and will it have any influence on the judging panel?
PtitPier 12.07.2016 @ 6:30pm
Is there any mandatory information to have on the label? Is a label mandatory?

even if my girlfriend will kill me if I win : *I'm so excited and I just can't hide it* :D
BrewDog Rich 11.07.2016 @ 2:34pm
Simon - If you have a barrel to use, of course we would accept an aged entry, Let your imagination run riot!

Vincenzo - Sure, go for it!

Mohawk/Jim - Sadly not, we can only accept entries from the UK and Europe. We would love to get a US homebrew contest up and running when our Columbus facility opens though!
Jim 09.07.2016 @ 7:21pm
Are homebrewers in the US allowed to submit? Or is this for UK locals only? Thanks for running this motivational competition, this truly encompasses the the spirit of craft brewing.

Boulder, CO
Vincenzo 08.07.2016 @ 6:28pm
Hello, is this homebrewing competition open to beers made with BIAB All Grain tecnique?
Mohawk 08.07.2016 @ 6:15pm
Are entries accepted from outside the UK, I'm in the US.
Simon 08.07.2016 @ 2:01pm
Is any brett or bacteria allowed ?
Same for barrel-aging, is it allowed ? restricted to Scottish whisky maybe (I'm from France) ?!
I am a real home-brewer, but how do yo make sure that the beer was not produced by pros ?
Great contest by the way, really exciting !
Dave 08.07.2016 @ 10:01am
Grrr...! Nothing in 330ml bottles at the minute = Boooo! It means I'll have to have another brewday soon then = Yay!
BREWDOGDAVIDB 08.07.2016 @ 9:00am
@Jeff O - Address is on the blog above! #HomeBrewDog, Balmacassie Industrial Estate, Ellon, Aberdeenshire, AB41 8BX.

@Danno - the winning beer will need to be produced on a larger scale, so we'[d recommend that you go all grain!
Jeff O 07.07.2016 @ 9:50pm
So what is the mailing address to send beers too.
Danno 07.07.2016 @ 6:21pm
Is extract brewing allowed or frowned upon?
BrewDogDavidB 07.07.2016 @ 4:52pm
Hey Fredjke and Chris Moss!

This all depends on how feasible this is when it comes to number of entries. It's unlikely we're going to be able to provide detailed feedback on beers, but we could potentially do this for the beers that make it to the final judging panel!
GezTheRhino 07.07.2016 @ 2:43pm
Just need to decide which creation to brew and send.
I feel a poll of mates n fam coming up ha
ben 07.07.2016 @ 1:38pm
Lets do this!!
Chris moss 07.07.2016 @ 1:24pm
Will there be feedback on all the beers/ placings other than 1st?
Jan Dre 07.07.2016 @ 11:53am
Yeah, here I come! *grows beard*
Fredjke 07.07.2016 @ 11:14am
What about all the unfortunate ? Will they receive at least a detailled comment of the degustation, some notes, indications on how to do it better ?
Alberto 07.07.2016 @ 9:15am
HomeBrewGod 07.07.2016 @ 9:06am
Just in time for a homebrewday on Sat!
HarryBenH 07.07.2016 @ 8:11am

*Dusts off home brew kit*

I want that job!