A closer look at the beery elements

We’re onto the third of the four keystones of brewing in our mini-series of videos about the fundamentals of our craft. And this time around we are taking a closer look at the ingredient that has truly captured the attention of modern beer fans. Hops. Martin has taken the Ellon Express to the Yakima Valley to check in with our awesome growers of this all-important component of beer. Hops give a beer its bitterness, aroma and even act to preserve its life.

Without the humble hop, the world would be a much bleaker place.

So in this penultimate collaboration video, our friend and LA-based musician Tony Beliveau has composed another original piece of music looking at brewing’s fundamental building blocks. Seeing as he hails from the United States, Tony is no stranger to the wonders of the hop, hence his penning a suitable track to accompany Martin’s hophead tour of a lifetime. The previous videos in the series covered Water and Malt so there are no prizes for guessing what the final video in the series will be…

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Barney 29.07.2016 @ 10:23am
Can't imagine smelling a fresh hop off the vine! That must be amazing