In-house Equity Punks

Meet some of the shareholders who work at BrewDog

In-house Equity Punks

As many of our regular blog readers will be aware, we're currently raising £4m though Equity for Punks (you can still invest here!). This is the third round of the unique investment scheme, whereby anyone and everyone can invest in BrewDog beer and the brewery and own a little part of it for themselves.

In our team, which now tops over 200 people, we have a large number of Equity for Punks shareholders who are actually having a hands on influence on their investment. All shareholders get the chance to comment and contribute to new beers and ideas through the shareholder forum and exclusive brew days, but we caught up with some of the folks on the inside who get to see their investment at work every day!

Kerry Allison, Captain of the Northern Fleet

"I believe 100% in what we are doing at BrewDog. Investing made me feel even more like a part of everything happening and it was great knowing I helped enable our company to find even more ways to bring our beers to more people. I invested in both EFP 2 and 3 and I want to see us go further, push harder and get even more people as crazy passionate about craft ber as we are! My investment will change the way Britain (and possibly the world!) sees craft beer.

Most of my friends are investors too, most notably my friend Laura who "only drinks vodka and soda" but who loves and believes in what we do. Both my parents invested in EFP3 as well. They actually wanted to invest in EFP 2 but they dragged their heels and it sold our before they got around to it...let that be a lesson to you all"

Graeme Wallace, Leader of the Pack

"The best thing about investing is becoming a part of the family.

The AGM is the perfect way to see this. 1000s of people all there for the same reason, showing their love for the brewery and for craft beers from all over the world. It shows all our staff, investors or not, how many people are passionate about what we do every day and really makes you realise the impact we have.

As part of the brew team, I feel it's my duty to advise on the best beers to buy with your Equity for Punks discount! My two all time favourites are Jackhammer and Chaos Theory. Grab 'em when you can."

Sarah Warman, Master Gunner

"I invested in BrewDog before I joined the team here. I had worked with BrewDog in the past in an external capacity and was amazed by how fast it was growing! Every time you turned around, a new bar would pop up or a groundbreaking new beer would be hitting the online shop. It was a no-brainer to me, and it's really proven its worth! As a shareholder, before I joined, I really benefited from the discount and regularly took friends along to BrewDog Camden or Shoreditch to discover some tasty new craft beers and it's safe to say BrewDog made me a craft beer convert!

Since coming in-house, it's been really exciting to be able to see how involved the shareholders are in the business, the beer and the brewing. Shareholder brew days, discounts and the AGM are all massive perks, but knowing you're part of a wider cause to get people in the UK drinking better beer gives them (us!) real pride in their financial shareholding"

Mark Hislop, Events and Marketing

"I invested in the first round of Equity for Punks way back when I was working as a bar staff team member in Aberdeen. I invested £500, which is now worth a fair whack more, so I'm chuffed I managed to get in early!

Investing in a company that's doing so well makes me even more passionate than just being an employee, and the AGM is worth the investment alone! MFC Chicken killed it this year, can't wait to see who we can get on the roster next year. I know a few people who are investors but don't work for BrewDog, including my parents, and I know they're all insanely excited by the knowledge that they play a part in the continuous rise of the brewery and craft beer in the UK. The bar division, which I've worked in for years now, means you can take your mates for a beer and show what you invested in. That's a bit more exciting than showing them some Chinese mining company you bought shares in...!"


Tony Barron, UK Operations Manager

"I invested in BrewDog during Equity for Punks 2. I loved the beer, loved the brand and wanted to play a part in helping it to grow and getting the message about awesome craft beer to more people. Watching your investment grow from inside the business as an employee at the brewery is an awesome benefit; everyone who works here is so passionate and dedicated to making what we do better in every facet of the brewery. Before I joined the team, I really enjoyed meeting like-winded individuals on the shareholder forum, discovering new beers from them and receiving business updates from James to see how my financial support was contributing to what's happening. I also made good use of my shareholder discount to get some ace pre-releases from the online shop.

I've invested in Equity for Punks 3, staking a little more of my claim in BrewDog! My mum's invested too, and I'm hoping she'll be heading up for the AGM next year too...!

My advice to anyone on the fence is don't even think about it, you know it makes sense. Just invest."

You can invest in BrewDog and the craft beer revolution here


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Comments (5) 18th September, 2013 11:47pm
It's time for a brewdog pub in the Endinburgh of the south!!! Dunedin,New Zealand ;))
Kate in Manchester 18th September, 2013 12:00pm
I sent the Equity for punks 3 link to my friends and now they are shareholders. One of them has now placed the first order for us, kinda making me redundant, but all 'living the dream'.We love Brewdog :-))
tix 18th September, 2013 11:30am
I tell all my friends to invest, most of em have now but I won't give up til I've got them all
Jackie 18th September, 2013 11:28am
As an investor it's great to feel like part of the family (like Graeme says) and all the members of the BrewDog team that I've met really believe in what they're doing. Keep it up!
A.C. 18th September, 2013 11:23am
It must be great to own part of the business you work for. More companies should give their employees the opportunity to &quotbuy in&quot so that they're not just working for the boss; they're working for themselves!