International Arms Race: This is about to get real.

dog fight!

International Arms Race: This is about to get real.

“Collaboration was never an option,” Brophy said. “It’s a long word that takes entirely too long to type. So, we challenged BrewDog to a battle of the brewing arts and they accepted. Now, it’s time to face off.”

The time for talking is over. This shit is about to get real.

You can order both beers here:

We will also put the beers head to head on draft all over the UK with Matt Brophy (BrewMaster & COO) and Ben Savage (Vice President) coming over for 5 epic head to head events in BrewDog bars in August.  We assume Ben is Vice President of Flying Dog, not actual America, but you never know with US job titles. 


Each event will see our draft lines split between BrewDog beers and Flying Dog beers (including plenty of Flying Dog rarities never before seen outside the US). Matt and Ben will be at each event to talk more about Flying Dog and their beers and answer all your questions too. Each event will also feature a drinker vote to determine which of the battle beers will be crowned the winner.

  • BrewDog Aberdeen Thursday, 7pm August 23
  • BrewDog Glasgow Friday, 7pm August 24 with live music
  • BrewDog Newcastle Saturday, 4pm August 25 with live music
  • BrewDog Manchester Sunday, 3pm August 26 with an awesome BBQ!
  • BrewDog Camden, August 27 at 7pm Camden

BrewDog Newcastle Officially Open.

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Comments (8)

Tony @ Notts 22nd August, 2012 7:00pm
Nottingham will be having an event with the beers on. Just not having the visit from the Brewers. Starts Friday 24th at 8pm
SashDog 22nd August, 2012 6:14pm
Is Edinburgh getting the Flying Dog challenge without the actual brewers visiting ? What about an online link ?
Jamie B 22nd August, 2012 4:55pm
No Brewdog Nottingham event? What gives...
pk 21st August, 2012 10:24pm
it was yummy at the AGM. look forward to it.
Olsta 21st August, 2012 3:15pm
An IPA with no hops? Should go well with my fish & chips with no fish.
BrewDog James 21st August, 2012 1:34pm
Benquinn 21st August, 2012 12:22pm
Can you confirm if the Flying Dog beers will be coming to Edinburgh as well?
Travis W 21st August, 2012 4:19am
See you in a few days. Can a few Equity Punks visiting from Pittsburgh get a look at the progress of the new brewery?