IPA is Dead 2013

four new single hop IPAs to rock your world

IPA is Dead 2013

Four new single hop IPAs to rock your world.

Our 2013 IPA is Dead series launches on draft in all BrewDog Bars from 12 noon on Saturday 30th March.

The event will form part of Hop Slam Saturday as we go hop and IPA crazy in our bars.


IPA is dead showcases 4 killer hops varieties. The result is 4 radically different single hop IPAs. Each IPA contains the same malt backbone and is brewed to be 75 IBU and is enthusiastically kettle hopped and dry hopped with a single variety.

Using the same base 6.7% beer, a baby version of our Hardcore, we slam a mouth puckering 75 IBUs on top of a base of Marris Otter, Crystal Malt and Caramalt before throwing dizzying amounts of hops at these beers.

Our 2013 release sees us brew with Dana, El Dorado, Waimea and Goldings hops. Enjoy a tasting flight of all 4, a glass of your favourite or try a blend - we will be offering our 2/3 pint schooners with your choice of 2 of the beers. The combinations and hoppy possibilities are literally endless.

James' Tasting Notes:

El Dorado

The Pacific North West of America is home to the brand speanking new El Dorado Hop. America is not just about cheer-leaders, a silly version of football, elastic top jeans and cheeseburgers. They grow remarkable hops and El Dorado is a killer example of this, embodying all that is good about American hops and then some. A new hop on the block, it may even seduce you into thinking the American Dream is not just a catch phrase to sell movies and elect Presidents. Fearfully hard to resist, this beer is loaded with tropical fruits, pear, watermelon, candy floss and stone fruit. Devilishly moreish.



Good old East Kent Goldings. Elegant and refined and like a quintessential English gentleman, inherently boring. Boring that is unless you put the amplitude into overdrive and hope the living daylights out of the beer with it.

This is East Kent Goldings re-invented and re-imagined and shows just what can be done with English hops if you use enough of them. An often overlooked hop superstar, normally getting lost in a woeful stream of conformist brown ales made by sleepy cask ale brewers. But not anymore. Classic Empire with an anarchic twist. God save the Queen.

In this amped up Goldings reincarnation expect to be slammed with floral lavender, a fruity riot of blackberries and spiced pears, bumble-gum plums and the illusion of thyme. It reminds me of the apricot marmalade by grandmother used to make.

I am a little bit too obsessed with this beer for my own good.



Waimea is a new hop variety that has both aroma and bittering capability, and is the granddaughter of Pacific Jade. Pacific Jade is also a hop, not a hippy belly dancing gypsy on crack.

It has been described as having intense fresh tangelo, citrus fruit and pine needle characteristics,

High on it’s own alpha, Waimea has a new world flavour, infusing unique fresh crushed citrus aroma and flavour notes into this IPA. Sharp as a razor, this New Zealand hop slices your taste buds with intense fresh tangelo, citrus fruit and pine needle characteristics There is a huge depth flavour with astringent gooseberry balanced against the robust malt base.  Throw another shrimp on the Barbie mate and you are all set. New Zealand is near Australia, right? 



A pseudo noble hop. Noble like a mother fucking king. But not a boring king. Noble like a chain smoking, pimp of a pinball wizard king. Apparently, they are the best kind.

Hailing from Slovenia, Dana was originally cross bred from the German Hallertau Magnum and native Slovenian varieties. Like any good faux noble hop should it infuses a rustic, musty spiciness into a classic beast of a malt base, just like your grandfather’s old school aftershave.

This hop of Eastern European origin is best enjoyed whilst dreaming up a song about a lovely donkey that fell in love with a princess that is destined to take the Eurovision song contest by storm.

*we are still packing the bottles. We intend to launch these to Equity Punks online on Tuesday 2nd April and put them on general sale on the 3rd of April.

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sjlunn 29.03.2013 @ 7:21pm
Will this be available from the online shop?
SourSalty 28.03.2013 @ 1:11pm
And will they be in the states?