James' & Martin's top 5 places to grab a beer

Our favourite hop haunts worldwide


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BrewDog bars are built as beacons of craft beer. We developed their entire concept to make ideal places to kick back with a beer, chill out with friends and discover breweries and beers you may never have heard of.


 In creating our bar division, we have been inspired by some awesome venues worldwide. Here are James and Martin’s top places to grab a beer on planet Earth.

Stone World Bistro & Gardens, Escondido
Whenever we’re in California, Martin and I always make a point of hitting Stone World Bistro and Gardens. The menu is insane, jam packed with awesome world cuisine with brilliant beer pairing suggestions. The bar is set in a lush, diverse garden too, making it a stunning location while maintaining a really cosy, friendly and chilled atmosphere where you can relax with beer and friends.
Barcade, Brooklyn
This is a craft beer bar with loads of arcade video game machines inside. I think that says pretty much all I need to here! Hanging out with a few beers playing Contra is my idea of an awesome night.

BrewDog Glasgow
My favourite BrewDog bar, but don’t tell the others…shhh!
Popeye, Tokyo
This bar has 70 craft beer taps and therefore holds the widest selection of awesome beers in the whole of Japan. Their bar staff are massive beer geeks and know the contents of every single one of those taps inside out, which makes it the perfect place to discover some of the best Japanese craft beer as well as beers from all over the planet. Oh and the staff all wear bow-ties!
Mikkeller Bar, Copenhagen
We’re great friends with Mikkel, and his bar reflects everything he stands for. It’s an intimate, delicate bar that contrasts massively to the huge mega-corp sky sports bars that dominate the world’s bar scene. Novices and beer geeks alike can come here to open their minds and learn about killer craft breweries. Their website says ‘beauty generates beauty’, a philosophy that’s intrinsically evident when you walk through the door.
Lagunitas Brewery Taproom
Lagunitas is one of my favourite breweries, and their taproom is a great little place to hang out, listen to live music, enjoy some awesome food (smoked brisket Panini anyone?) and taste some brilliant beers. They also put on some of the most extravagant, eye wateringly tasty beer dinners I’ve ever come across. Well worth the trip.
Nidaba, Montebelluna, Italy
Italy’s craft beer scene is really coming into its own. The country’s traditionally very wine-orientated, but bars like this are making a name for themselves as the go-to venues for excellent beer paired with classic, delicious Italian dining. There are some cool craft breweries popping up in Italy, and Nidaba showcases these in the perfect way. Also, there is lots of camo and skulls. Which is cool.

BrewDog Aberdeen
As our first bar, and our Flagship, it’s my favourite place to enjoy a beer. The staff are awesome and highly knowledgeable (as with all our bars!) and the regulars are like a little local family of craft beer lovers. It’s got an awesome atmosphere and is like a second home for me.
Public House in The Venetian, Las Vegas
Pitching itself as a ‘beer lovers paradise’, this place takes its beer very seriously, and is a brilliant craft beer haven in amongst the bright lights of Vegas. They serve up classic pub grub on the menu, but it’s all given a heavy dose of gourmet glamour (this is Vegas, after all) and these guys also pride themselves on having Nevada’s only qualified Certified Cicerone. It’s an all-American bar, but they also put on some of the best shows on the strip, so it’s a great place to enjoy top class beers while high rolling for the night.
Feral Brewery Tap room and bistro, Swan Valley, Western Australia
These guys are a lot of fun. The tap room and bistro are a lot of fun, and great for chilling with ace Aussie beer in the sun. They also run guided beer tours, which are like the Feral equivalent of BrewDog’s beer school. Really awesome beer and a great setting!
What are you top hop spots? Stick them in the comments!

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Comments (7)

TheBulb 30th June, 2013 5:17pm
Delirium Cafe
Fedezi! 30th June, 2013 2:11pm
thanks a lot Martin!! a great surprise for Us!!www.nidabaspirit.it
SashDog 30th June, 2013 8:59am
t Brugs Beertje in Bruges is worth checking out. I will check out the Public House at the Venetian when I go to Vegas in two weeks. The Pub at Monte Carlo in Vegas is another one to try with over 80 craft beers on tap and a huge range of bottles. Viva Hardcore !
krzysi3k 29th June, 2013 9:48pm
My #1 spot for enjoying a beer... the shower.
Mark Heslop 29th June, 2013 2:07pm
You need to visit Brussels!
Peter C 29th June, 2013 1:59pm
Just booked to go to Vegas today... Will be off to that one in the Venetian no messing
JAfanclub 29th June, 2013 1:44pm
Goes without saying the ultimate spot is anywhere with The John Allen!