Martin Dickie - F.B.I.!?!

Signature Competition - Win Stuff..

Martin Dickie - F.B.I.!?!

I need help..

I want a cool / interesting title for myself for the signature of my emails.

This is proving to be quite difficult.

This is the current situation...


Over the last few months I have had several different Signatures and none of them are really sticking.




I am going to throw this one completely open and ask you guys to come up with a winning title for me. The winner will get a box full of beer and othersuff. 

Obviously, I will be picking the winner so Martin Dickie- Idiot, although factully acurate probably won't win..

Best of luck..

Martin Dickie - ?????




Case Closed.


Bosher - Likeable Antagonist.

We'll done. Some goodies will be winging your way soon.

Secondary Prize for Bob Hope for the 'Most offensive to humans who work outwith an industrial setting' Prize

Some stuff will be shipping to you too.

Thanks to Everyone who took part.

Martin Dickie

Likeable Antagonist.



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Comments (58)

Jon Gilbert 3rd September, 2009 11:29pm
Shame I missed the deadline, cos I got it! Well, I just read it elsewhere on the blog....

The fucking doctor

J Roberts 3rd September, 2009 10:24am
Its probably been done before, and its probably too late, but, here goes:

Martin Dickie - Trappist Punk?

Goes with the new religiousy beers (5am Saint, Punk Monk, and the renamed Dogma).
Tim Mars 31st August, 2009 10:46am
Martin Dickie
Portman Provocateur
chris Ford 28th August, 2009 10:11am
Martin Dickie - Taking the Dogmatic approach since 2007
Jon Ramsey 28th August, 2009 12:47am
Hop Rocker
John Hedges 27th August, 2009 11:28pm
Martin Dickie - Brewing Innovator.
Martin Dickie - Brewer of Exciting & Distinctive Beers.
Dan Massey 27th August, 2009 4:00pm
Take your pick of these three:-
Martin Dickie

Martin Dickie
Archdeacon of Ale

Martin Dickie
Needs no Label!
Dominic Driscoll 27th August, 2009 2:50pm
Martin Dickie
Craft Beer Pioneer

(it rhymes and everything)
chris ford 27th August, 2009 1:28am
Brutalist Brewer,
David M 26th August, 2009 10:37pm
Alpha Dog
Never knowingly underexposed
Chris Ford 26th August, 2009 8:44pm
Martin Dickie - Best in Breed, Barking Mad Brewer, Dogtanian of the Beer World, Brew-Dog Handler,
Petr Chladek 26th August, 2009 8:42pm
Dear Sir and Madam.
I am collector of beer labels.You ask whether it is possible to send the labels from your brewery.If you are interested i can offer exchange labels fromthe Czech breweries.
Yours sincerely.

Petr Chladek
Hostivarska 224
Praha 15 102 00
Czech Republic
Chris Ford 26th August, 2009 7:18pm
Martin Dickie - The Dogfather, Leader of the Pack,
Chris Ford 26th August, 2009 6:57pm
Brewing Bitch, Martin Dickie - Chasing his tail since 2007 Woof Woof !
Chris Ford 26th August, 2009 6:51pm
Martin Dickie @ BrewDOG A mans best friend.......... Hardcore Beer Evangelist........ Martin Dickie - Doin it Doggy Style since 2007......... Brewing it Doggy Style since 2007....... Damn I Really Want This Prize. Got me Paws Crossed x
Martin BrewDog 26th August, 2009 6:26pm
Awesome stuff guys.
I am going to leave it open until tomorrow, Thursday 26th Sept, then I will pick a winner.
bosher 26th August, 2009 5:19pm
martin dickie - likeable antagonist
Chris 26th August, 2009 4:31pm
Martin Dickie - Hop Fix fixer
Chris 26th August, 2009 3:56pm
Martin Dickie - King of the Brews
Thomas McAlinden 26th August, 2009 3:30pm
When is the closing date for this?
Erick 26th August, 2009 2:59pm
Chris Ford 26th August, 2009 12:56pm
Craft Brewer Extraordinaire, God of Zyphos, Micro-Beerologist, Proud Scottish Brewer since 2007, Purveyor of Artisan Ales,
Chris Ford 26th August, 2009 12:51pm
Craft Brewer Extraordinaire......
God of Zythos
Award Winning Scottish Brewer since 2007
Spencer Cappallo 26th August, 2009 1:48am
Why witty? How about something profound and simple:

Martin Dickie
Ben Wissett 25th August, 2009 7:31pm
Martin Dickie - Mr Manager


Martin Dickie - The Anti-Poley


Martin Dickie - King Dick of Hoptown


Martin Dickie - Dogging Enthusiast


Dr. Martin Dickie PhBeer
Thomas McAlinden 25th August, 2009 5:56pm
Martin Dickie - Top Dog Top Dog Top Diggity Dog
Longfur part 2 25th August, 2009 5:56pm
bollocks those should read daddy dog OR administer of dog OR hot dickitie dog
Thomas McAlinden 25th August, 2009 5:53pm
Martin Dickie - Crap..... since (year you were born)
Martin Dickie - Brewdog Millionaire
Martin Dickie - Top Dog of Controversy & Fine Ale
Martin Dickie - Intoxicator of the Nation since 2007
Martin Dickie - General Beer-Swigging Monkey
Martin Dickie - Thorougly Modern Gentleman
Martin Dickie - Mayor Of Funk Town
longfur 25th August, 2009 5:49pm
daddy dog
administer of dog
top dickity dog
Chris 25th August, 2009 5:26pm
Martin Dickie - Re-calibrator of tastebuds
Jeff 25th August, 2009 4:36pm
How about: Drug Dealer

Of course a legal drug...For sure it will help you get some more Portman Press
Chris 25th August, 2009 4:14pm
Martin Dickie - Future co-founder of Brewdoggers Anonymous
Joonas Nilsson 25th August, 2009 2:57pm
Martin Dickie - Beer Archmage
Simon Treacy 25th August, 2009 11:25am
A few, Brewmaster General, Brewer Rat, and my personal favourite

Paradoxical evangelist
Aki 25th August, 2009 9:51am
Architect of the downfall of the Scottish society since the year 2007. Solely responsible for binge drinking as a phenomenon. However, likes puppies.
Sigmund 25th August, 2009 8:23am
You certainly do need help, I would suggest a psychiatrist. Otherwise how about DELUDED PRAT.
magicdave6 25th August, 2009 7:45am
William Doyle 25th August, 2009 7:24am
Certified Beer Ninja
Dale 24th August, 2009 8:37pm
God. - Brew Chief - big Dog - Top Dog - The Boss. Just a thought...
John Hedges 24th August, 2009 4:26pm
Either Martin Dickie, Hop Guru, or Hop Evangelist, or Hop Czar.
Or Martin Dickie, The Guvnor (Well Co-Guvnor)
Or more enigmatically, Martin Dickie, Paradox.
Rod 24th August, 2009 2:55pm
Booze Hound :)
Jimbeaux 24th August, 2009 2:32pm
Martin Dickie - Dead Elephant
andy mogg 24th August, 2009 1:11pm
Martin Dickie
Brewing Because I Can
Martin BrewDog 24th August, 2009 1:08pm
In reponse to Bob Hope 24.08.09.
Dearest Bob. I’m afraid I have had to slightly tone back your witty retort with the use of an *. Anyone who cares will still get the idea. I am a firm believer of non censorship but the written use of that word is rather vulgar. I also took the liberty of correcting your sloppy grammar. Take care.
Johnny H 24th August, 2009 11:38am
Martin Dickie
Beer Pimp
+44(0)776 4488445
Glyn Roberts 24th August, 2009 11:16am
Beer Revolutionary,
Brewing Visionary
Brew Dog Rocks!
Chris Ford 24th August, 2009 10:51am
The Top Dog, Grogg Dog
andy mogg 24th August, 2009 10:46am
how about

Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. The portman group are proof God has a sense of humour
Chris Ford 24th August, 2009 10:39am
The Clarifying Agent
Chris 24th August, 2009 10:16am
High Commissioner of the Hops.

Brewing Baron.

Hop Hero.

Craft Brewing Crusader.
Rod 24th August, 2009 10:11am
Future Alcoholic
Bob Hope 24th August, 2009 9:56am
Pretentious C*nt. Just say it directly...
graeme 23rd August, 2009 10:11pm
beer jesus, you can wear sandals in the brewery and it can offend some people. Done!
Micke 23rd August, 2009 7:16pm
Rebelhead. Director of controversy
ken wilkinson 23rd August, 2009 7:15pm
Martin Dickie-The Brewdogsbollocksofalesmaster.
Vittorio, 23rd August, 2009 4:55pm
Hop Fiddler / Beer Architect / Morning Drinker
phil 23rd August, 2009 2:06pm
See Ron Jeffries,
Chief Squeejee Operator and Master of Mischief

I have seen, Master Alchemist, Cleaning Supervisor, Bottling Machine Repair Artist, Failed Nuclear Scientist, Yeast Monkey... take one and use it...
Matt Gray 23rd August, 2009 12:44pm
Brewing Maestro