#Mashtag 2014 Day 1: The Beer Style

#Mashtag 2014 - the return of beer by the people, for the people.

#Mashtag 2014 Day 1: The Beer Style

In case you missed #Mashtag last year, here's a run-down of how it works:

Every day this week we'll post a blog at 10am. Each post will present you with three options; three paths the beer can take, and it's up to you to decide which one we go with. To make the decision, you can cast your vote here on the blog, on twitter, or on facebook. Here's how the week will pan out:

Monday: Beer Style

Tuesday: Malt Bill & ABV

Wednesday: Hops & IBU

Thursday: Special Twist (Infused with berries? Wine barrel aged? Matured aboard an X-Wing?)

Friday: Label

Voting is open from 10am - 8pm each day, with the exception of Friday (more details will be revealed, but there's no harm in getting your artistic hats on early). Simcoe and his little helpers will tally up the votes each evening and each day we'll include the results from the day before in the blog. As we go we'll explain the ingredients and methods involved in each option, to give you the chance to make an informed opinion and give you an insight into how we come up with some of the ideas for our beer.

#Mashtag 2014 - another chance for you to put your stamp on how we brew here at BrewDog.

Day 1: Beer Style

This year, the beer styles you can choose from are:



The noble pilsner is the original golden lager. If you choose this option, you're most likely voting for a pale beer, brewed with bottom fermenting lager yeast, which will be low in fruity esters (aromatic compounds) but have a clean refreshing taste.

Red Ale


Red ales, like our 5am Saint, are brewed with speciality malts, can be sweeter than pale ales or lagers (but not cloyingly so), and can take on and balance more intense flavours due to the increased malt bill. If you pick red ale, it could be anything from a light and zippy summer beer, to a big and fruity barrel aged beast. Who knows. We certainly don't, but that's kind of the point.



Originally from London, porters are dark beers that, overall, lack the powerful bitterness and coffee notes of a stout, but share many of the same attributes. At this early stage, expect only a dark beer, with some chocolate and coffee notes, but plenty of scope for refining and tweaking.

Well, now that you know the score, have a think and decide what you want to vote for, but don't hang around too long - remember, Simcoe is strict when it comes to timing so get your votes in by 8pm sharp! We'll post another blog tomorrow revealing the chosen beer style, along with the options for the malt bill and ABV.

The choice is yours, don't forget to use #Mashtag in your twitter votes!

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Comments (50)

arob 11th March, 2014 12:46pm
red ale
Si 10th March, 2014 7:04pm
Parky76 10th March, 2014 7:00pm
Cant we have a Belgium dubbel/triple or even a Saison???
beerdy_dan 10th March, 2014 6:14pm
wee_designer 10th March, 2014 6:08pm
Porter Please :)
Jonny 10th March, 2014 6:07pm
mighty mike 10th March, 2014 5:51pm
Porter pretty please
Mika Juhani 10th March, 2014 5:34pm
Beer & Beyond 10th March, 2014 5:31pm
Make it a smooth, velvet chocolaty Fullers London Porter style with high drinkability.
Ukonmalja 10th March, 2014 3:50pm
I cant think quite how far you can go with a pilsner -> My reason exactly to vote for PILSNER :-) I wanna see how far BrewDog can go with it.
dpeldys 10th March, 2014 3:26pm
toidol 10th March, 2014 2:54pm
Red ale
boomer 10th March, 2014 2:35pm
If theres no ipa I will have a porter. :-)
beccarenee 10th March, 2014 2:11pm
Porter please! The darker, the better. x
GroundhogDay 10th March, 2014 2:10pm
None of the above? You already brew and market each of those styles. How about something different - a hefeweizen, a Belgian dubbel, a saison? I vote for something original.
beersiveknown 10th March, 2014 2:09pm
has to be a porter. Plenty of pilsners in the back catlogue but fewer porters. something sessionable
Siarl 10th March, 2014 1:51pm
Porter! Saison style!
Kal 10th March, 2014 1:18pm
An imperial red ale
BouGi 10th March, 2014 1:17pm
Red Ale ;)
serti 10th March, 2014 1:09pm
A pilsner with million IBUs would be interesting :P
raem 10th March, 2014 1:02pm
red ale
Torbeer 10th March, 2014 12:55pm
Porter nom nom
Ewan M 10th March, 2014 12:46pm
In honour of the new Dundee Brewdog bar, you should add some marmalade. Or maybe just a Dundee cake!but until that vote, I reckon an imperial porter would be ace.
McKarvonen 10th March, 2014 12:40pm
Poutrello 10th March, 2014 12:34pm
Amstel clone for Anthou@HFR
Tenhorn 10th March, 2014 12:14pm
Bagel 10th March, 2014 11:56am
FinMike 10th March, 2014 11:39am
Bed Ale!!
Mikeyt86 10th March, 2014 11:25am
You can never fail with a red ale!
Sage 10th March, 2014 11:18am
Porter!Theres enough red ales and pilsners out there. This planet needs more porters!
T-P 10th March, 2014 11:14am
Scaro 10th March, 2014 11:09am
Mauro 10th March, 2014 11:06am
Red Ale!!!Like the awesome 5am Saint!
Pentsa 10th March, 2014 11:05am
Red Ale
Mr Milli 10th March, 2014 10:59am
Lets go imperial!
PaulC 10th March, 2014 10:56am
bucks_ 10th March, 2014 10:54am
Red ale!
Robbert 10th March, 2014 10:52am
Stevepage405 10th March, 2014 10:51am
Gotta be Rex or ded
Olivia-Amphibia 10th March, 2014 10:48am
hobbs123 10th March, 2014 10:46am
Would love to see you guys taking hoppiness to the next level!
FranckyD 10th March, 2014 10:36am
Red Ale!
Niiiiiiiix 10th March, 2014 10:28am
Red Ale!
BrewBruh 10th March, 2014 10:27am
Ade 10th March, 2014 10:27am
AleBeHonest 10th March, 2014 10:25am
I cant think quite how far you can go with a pilsner, so my vote is forPORTER
silentdan 10th March, 2014 10:24am
brewgarage 10th March, 2014 10:24am
philippst 10th March, 2014 10:21am
Brewshed 10th March, 2014 10:01am
Red Ale!