#Mashtag 2014 Day 4: The Twist

Choose the twist that will make your beer unique!

#Mashtag 2014 Day 4: The Twist

Another day of #Mashtag over, and another part of the recipe is locked in. In what some here at BrewDog HQ consider a surprise landslide, the winner is:

Global hops, at 65 IBU!


Over 12,000 votes were cast on the blog, which is a phenomenal response, but we knew you'd get really involved over the hops! Here's the breakdown:

Global Hops - 65 IBU - 77.2%

UK Hops - 90 IBU - 7.9%

US Hops - 120 IBU - 14.9%

For those of you just joining us, here's how #Mashtag works:

Every day this week we'll post a blog at 10am. Each post will present you with three options; it's up to you to decide which one we go with. To make the decision, you can cast your vote here on the blog, on twitter, or on facebook. Here's how the week will pan out:

Monday: Beer style - red ale

Tuesday: Malt bill - 9% imperial red with copious speciality malts and black malt

Wednesday: Hops - global hop mix at 65 IBU

Thursday: Special Twist

Friday: Label

Voting is open from 10am - 8pm each day, with the exception of Friday (more details will be revealed, but now's a good time to have a look at last years blog for a head start). Simcoe and his little helpers will tally up the votes each evening and each day we'll include the results from the day before in the blog. As we go we'll explain the ingredients and methods involved in each option, to give you the chance to make an informed opinion and give you an insight into how we come up with some of the ideas for our beer.

Day 4: Special Twist

At BrewDog, we like to push the boat out and do things to beer that mess with the perception of what beer can be. Based on your 9% ABV, 65 IBU Imperial red ale with a global hop profile, we've put our heads together and came up with three twists which will make this a beer to remember. In no particular order, they are:

Aged with oak chips and chillies


This twist features an odd couple that - like R2-D2 & C-3PO - are bigger than the sum of their parts. The oak chips will add a smooth, toasty rounded character, while the chillies will give a spicy hit; both will keep each other in check, and allow the flavours to balance with the big bold malt bill and bright, clean hops.

Blood orange, orange peel and lemon peel


A huge, bittersweet, zesty slap in the face, which will play off the malt sweetness and amplify the citrus notes from the hops. This will imbue your imperial red ale with big summery flavours.

Infused with beetroot and coffee berries


A twist that will impart both colour and flavour; the beetroot will give a deep, red hue and a subtle earthiness, and the coffee berries a sharp, cranberry like note. Coffee berries are the fruit of the coffee plant, rather than the beans, so don't expect a Cocoa Psycho flavour here!


Think carefully about your choice of twist - unlike the Saw films, you only get one!

Place your votes at the top of this blog by 8pm, and tomorrow morning, we'll reveal the last element of your beer, and announce the label design round.



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Comments (51)

Troubledwaters 14th March, 2014 7:44am
@J.baxThe point is to give everyone a say in making a unique beer, sadly the majority are too scared to try something new and bold and would rather have something safe and familiar.Maybe craft beer aint for them if thats the case.
Shields 14th March, 2014 12:31am
All of em. Just all of em.
Bxious 13th March, 2014 8:50pm
Coffee berries and beetroot - just for the weirdness! (it was such a hard time to say no to chilli)
Robbert 13th March, 2014 7:47pm
BeerXp 13th March, 2014 7:06pm
Hey, Ho, Lets Oak!A red ale BEGS for body and condiments. For the citrics we already have IPAs and more IPAs.Lets go for Oak and Chillies!
Pete 13th March, 2014 7:04pm
Coffee berries yeh ok but Beetroot really?
George J 13th March, 2014 5:36pm
I dont know, what is the difference between an apple and an orange?
Rab 13th March, 2014 5:22pm
Whats the difference between an Apple and an Orange? :-P
Brian Blessed 13th March, 2014 2:44pm
Bloooooood oraaaaaaaaange peeel
J.bax 13th March, 2014 2:44pm
I see some have missed the point. Mashtag isnt necessarily designed to create a completely unique beer, more a type of beer that the majority would like to see made, not the most unusual obscure one that only a few want. Majority rules! Looking forward to trying whatever beer wins.
nannyinastate 13th March, 2014 1:48pm
blood orange. to perk up my life!
ChilliShouldNeverBeAllowedNrBeer 13th March, 2014 1:31pm
neither should beetroot so I guess it has to be the orange and lemon.
GarethGazzGravey 13th March, 2014 1:26pm
Deffo blood orange.
Pete H., Nottm 13th March, 2014 1:24pm
Yeah !! Another vote for the ladies - Blood orange & citrus peel. Please !
Fuzzz 13th March, 2014 1:23pm
Coffee Berries and Beetroot, I want red pee after drinking this
Steveo 13th March, 2014 12:43pm
Oak chips & chillies ALL THE WAY!
ryansmith87 13th March, 2014 12:16pm
I went for the Oak & Chillies
aussiefox73 13th March, 2014 11:55am
Has to be blood orange to give us that summerFeeling.
Kevyg69 13th March, 2014 11:54am
GTFO with the citrus stuff thats been done to death! Oak chips and chillies all the way. Ghost and habanero preferably.
MSull 13th March, 2014 11:47am
Chillies, someone vote chillies!!!!
PeterBW 13th March, 2014 11:45am
blood orange. Hit me with that citrus tang!
toninux 13th March, 2014 11:39am
coffee berries and betroots !
Troubledwaters 13th March, 2014 11:39am
Reading everyones comments, you do know the point of this is to make a unique beer?Think citrus flavoured beers are pretty well done by now.Go have Fosters Twist ;)
Mikeyt86 13th March, 2014 11:31am
I bloody love orange I do!
Ged 13th March, 2014 11:29am
Why is everyone so psyched about blood orange? Oak chips & chillies is the clear choice for unique twist! :-)
lemony leonie! 13th March, 2014 11:24am
londonlady 13th March, 2014 11:23am
blood orange and peels - perfect combination!
pdq 13th March, 2014 11:23am
blood orange for me. the only way to go!
citrus lover 13th March, 2014 11:22am
gotta be the blood orange... her dress is even orange! :)
Troubledwaters 13th March, 2014 11:19am
Beetroot!Reckon it will turn anything red?
brewlover 13th March, 2014 11:16am
i want the blood orange to WIN!
beer queen 13th March, 2014 11:16am
blood orange!
beddu 13th March, 2014 11:16am
Beetroot fo sho - comfort food. But beer. Comfort beer. DONE.
rbrownlie 13th March, 2014 11:16am
Gottta be the citrus fruits
bucks_ 13th March, 2014 11:08am
Kal 13th March, 2014 11:07am
Blood orange and red ale yum
John Smith 13th March, 2014 11:05am
A nice smooth bitter please.
EccyEccyPtang 13th March, 2014 11:04am
Blood orange, orange peel and lemon peel it is.
Col 13th March, 2014 11:04am
Please dont add coffee! :P
BrewBruh 13th March, 2014 10:52am
Blood orange, orange peel and lemon peel!
cyber 13th March, 2014 10:44am
Has to be Coffee Berries and Beetroot for me!
Superfil 13th March, 2014 10:42am
Gotta be bold orange and lemon peel for a zesty summer sensation!
BrewDogSarah 13th March, 2014 10:40am
MHA - gremlins in the system, should be live now! Sorry!
Ade 13th March, 2014 10:38am
Im sticking with the ladies, they seem to be doing well so far :-)Blood orange, orange peel and lemon peel
Jmar 13th March, 2014 10:37am
Anyone else noticed each day so far, whatever the girl has been holding up has won?
Kirkio 13th March, 2014 10:35am
Citrus all the way!
beer-tastic.nl 13th March, 2014 10:33am
ohhh jaaaaaa. blood orange for the netherlands!
mha 13th March, 2014 10:24am
No voting poll on the page this time?But; Coffee berries and beetroot!o/
rwebster1 13th March, 2014 10:23am
Blood orange, orange peel and lemon peel. Lets give it a zesty kick to match the Global hops!
a_gnome 13th March, 2014 10:22am
It has to be the blood orange & citrus peel really
beer baby 13th March, 2014 10:15am
gotta be the blood orange. cant wait!