#MashTag and Hello My Name is Päivi

Two new brews for yous!

#MashTag and Hello My Name is Päivi

Today we launch two of our most exciting beers of 2014, and that's quite a feat in itself! First up, we have #MashTag 2014, the beer for the people, by the people, and second we have the latest in our Hello My Name Is... series, this time especially for our Finnish friends, say hi to Päivi.  Both of these beers are available from the BrewDog online shop as of *now* and they'll launch in our UK BrewDog bars tomorrow!

Grab #MashTag 201 here

Get your paws on Hello My Name is Päivi here


In March 2014, we passed the reins to you, our online communities, and invited you to guide our latest recipe. For the second year in a row, you totally nailed it and gave us a 9% Imperial red ale with global hops and a special twist of blood orange, lemon peel and orange peel.

The beer is tasting exceptional, with bags of citrus as expected, some surprising lemongrass notes, and loads of resinous aromas from those hops. 

But that's not all, as we have booked in a special way to launch the beer too…!

In the nature of MashTag, the world's most democratic beer, we plan to launch this beer with the world's biggest beer tasting involving as many people who contributed to the beer as possible.

On the afternoon of Wednesday 2nd July (exact time TBC), cofounders James Watt and Martin Dickie will be holding a live streamed beer tasting on YouTube, and we'll need YOU to join us, taste it at the same time and send us your tasting notes!  We'll be live tweeting as well, so make sure it's in your diary! A link will be posted on our social media platforms on the day, so be sure to follow us on twitter and like us on Facebook so you don't miss it!

James and Martin will be popping a cap of MashTag 2014 live on air, and they'll be giving their own tasting notes on the beer that you designed. They'll also be reading out your twitter, facebook and YouTube contributions so make sure you log on, join in and get tasting!

Buy your bottle(s) of MashTag 2014 here today to ensure they arrive in time! We are confident deliveries will arrive worldwide if you order in the next 7 days, so make sure you place an order asap to avoid disappointment!

The beer will also be available in our bars from Friday 6th June at 6pm, so you can grab it there as well!

Hello My Name is Päivi:

The second awesome new instalment today comes on the form of a brand new beer brewed with our Finnish friends in mind. Hello My Name is Päivi

In the same vein as #MashTag, the name of this beer was suggested by you fine people, so thanks for everyone who came up with the hundreds of name options! You literally broke our blog temporarily as you commented in your droves. Finland, we salute you.

The beer is a sea buckthorn-infused 8.2% double IPA. Incase you're not familiar, sea buckthorn is a tart, bitter berry that grows on the Finnish coastline. The tart character has been paired with a decent dose of bittering hops as well as loads of epic dry hops for an intense, fruity nose. Expect bright, vibrant aromas of tangerine, peach and zesty lime with a palate of warm, biscuity sweetness, tropical fruits, huge grapefruit and orange bitterness. The sea buckthorn brings an almost sour, super tart, dry finish. It's beautiful.

Pick up a bottle here

Plus, as always, we have loads of amazing beers from international brewers on the online shop too! Have a browse and grab some here

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Comments (10)

IhanSamuliVaan 10.06.2014 @ 8:31am
Emil: as of tomorrow afternoon we will be selling Päivi at Corona Baari, Helsinki!
du 08.06.2014 @ 6:38am
Cantillon brewed a buckthorn lambic about 12 years ago for one pint pub in ruoholahti as a one off.
McMadd 06.06.2014 @ 6:40pm
Forgot to add...on draught at Irish Bar OConnells in Tampere...this ex-pat exiles local...gather ye round children...
McMadd 06.06.2014 @ 6:37pm
I have tasted Paivi...as tart as her reputation...
CrooshHGN 05.06.2014 @ 11:16pm
If Im remembering correctly, sea buckthorn was used in Sunk Punk. And was kin amaaaaaazing!!!!
Badger 05.06.2014 @ 1:01pm
Looking forward to mine arriving. We need more Ingrid though! Im on my last bottle :/ And I missed out on bottles of Beastie. Can we do more?
eh? 05.06.2014 @ 12:13pm
Is that Russell in the background, creeping about?
Emil 05.06.2014 @ 12:12pm
But when can we get it in Finland?
HarleyD 05.06.2014 @ 11:41am
Mashtag FTW!
John K 05.06.2014 @ 11:40am
These both sound amazing, cannot wait to try my beer ;)